1 213-1IMG_20171017_101252JPG.jpg 213-1IMG_20171017_101252.jpg 213-2IMG_20171017_101307.jpg The Primitive Origination of Mankind considered and examined according to the Light of Nature. Knight, Matthew Hale London 1677 30.5cm 380p ¥30,000 Bd. 両扉製本壊れ 213 分類5 人類 起源
2 38-1IMG_20171003_143911JPG.jpg 38-1IMG_20171003_143911.jpg 38-2IMG_20171003_143918.jpg The Perseis; or, secret memoirs for a history of Persia. (Translated from the French) Dublin 1765 17.5cm 226+6p. ¥60,000 Bd.扉外れ 38 分類2 ペルシャ
3 121-1IMG_20171004_105027JPG.jpg 121-1IMG_20171004_105027.jpg 121-2IMG_20171004_105041.jpg Fabliaux or Tales, abridged from french manuscripts of the 12th and 13th centuries. 2 vols. Grand, M. le London 1796-1800 23cm 280+340p. ¥8,000 Bd. 製本壊れ 121 分類4 フランス 文学
4 15-1IMG_20171003_134323JPG.jpg 15-1IMG_20171003_134323.jpg 15-2IMG_20171003_134347.jpg Ancient English Metrical Romancees. Selected and published 3 vols First Edition. Ripton, Joseph London 1802 17cm 215+313+444p. ¥30,000 Bd. 製本にすれあり 15 分類4 イギリス 文学
5 35-1IMG_20171003_143802JPG.jpg 35-1IMG_20171003_143802.jpg 35-2IMG_20171003_143810.jpg Kearsley’s Traveller’s Entertaning Guide through Great Britain. With a map. 2nd.edition London 1803 18cm 405p.+indexes ¥11,000 Bd. 35 分類2 旅 イギリス 地図
6 66-1IMG_20171003_172922JPG.jpg 66-1IMG_20171003_172922.jpg 66-2IMG_20171003_172934.jpg Post Chaise Companion or Travellers Directory through Ireland. Containing a New & Accurate Description of the Direct and Principal Cross Roads, With Particulars of Seats, Cities, Towns, Parks, Natural Curiosities, Antiquities, Castles, Ruins. 3rd.ed. With maps. Wiolson, William Dublin 1803 22cm 660p. ¥20,000 Bd 66 分類2 旅 アイルランド 地図
7 48-1IMG_20171003_145226JPG.jpg 48-1IMG_20171003_145226.jpg 48-2IMG_20171003_145237.jpg The Juvenile Tourist; or excursions through various parts of the island of Great Britain. With a portrait & maps. Beautifully bound Evans, John London 1804 17cm 440p. ¥18,000 Bd. 48 分類2 旅 イギリス 地図
8 60-1IMG_20171003_172459JPG.jpg 60-1IMG_20171003_172459.jpg 60-2IMG_20171003_172511.jpg Specimens of Early English Metrical Romances, Chiefly Written During the Early part of the Fourteenth Century; to which is prefixed an historical introduction, intended to illustrate the rise and progress of romantic composition in France and England. 3 vols. Ellis, George London 1805 18cm 387+404+419p. ¥50,000 Bd. 製本背壊れ 60 分類4 イギリス 文学
9 67-1IMG_20171003_172954JPG.jpg 67-1IMG_20171003_172954.jpg 67-2IMG_20171003_173010.jpg The Traveller’s new Guide through Ireland. containing a new and accurate description of the roads with particulars of all the different towns, villages, noblemen and gentlemen’s seats, churches, monastic buildings, antiquities and natural curiosities, also the present state of agriculture, manufactures, and commerce with a complete list of all the fairs throughout the kingdom. Dublin 1815 21.5cm 574p. ¥18,000 Bd 製本壊れ. Introduction 1p.破れ 67 分類2 旅 アイルランド 地図
10 126-1IMG_20171004_105339JPG.jpg 126-1IMG_20171004_105339.jpg 126-2IMG_20171004_105352.jpg The Byrth, Lyf, and Actes of Kyng Arthur; of his noblr knyghtes of the rounde tables. Bound beautifully 2 vols. Darthur, le Morte London 1817 25cm 383+495p. ¥150,000 Bd. 126 分類4 イギリス 文学
11 133-1IMG_20171004_105756JPG.jpg 133-1IMG_20171004_105756.jpg 133-2IMG_20171004_105804.jpg Travels on the Continent; written for the use and particular ijnformation of travellers. Starke, Mariana London 1820 22cm 545+300p. ¥30,000 Bd. 三方金製本 製本壊 133 分類2 旅 世界
12 16-1IMG_20171003_140153JPG.jpg 16-1IMG_20171003_140153.jpg 16-2MG_20171003_140211.jpg Lady of the Manor. A series of conversations on the subject of confirmation. Intended for the use of the middle and higer ranks. 2nd.edition 7 vols. Sherwood, Mrs. London 1825 18cm ¥28,000 Bd. 1巻のみ製本はずれ 16 分類3 女性 マナー
13 132-1IMG_20171004_105715JPG.jpg 132-1IMG_20171004_105715.jpg 132-2IMG_20171004_105723.jpg The new London universal Gazetteer or alphabetical geography. 3rd. edition London 1827 23cm 994p. ¥10,000 Bd. 132 分類4 イギリス 地名 辞典
14 17-1IMG_20171003_135356JPG.jpg 17-1IMG_20171003_135356.jpg 17-2IMG_20171003_135404.jpg Modern traveller, a description, geographical, histrical, and topographical, of the various countries of the globe. In 30 vols. Conder, Josiah London 1830 14.2cm ¥400,000 Bd. 一部製本壊れ 17 分類2 旅 世界 地理
15 131-1IMG_20171004_105654JPG.jpg 131-1IMG_20171004_105654.jpg 131-2IMG_20171004_105703.jpg The new London universal Gazetteer or alphabetical geography. 6th edition London 1831 23cm 993p. ¥8,000 Bd. 131 分類4 イギリス 地名 辞典
16 123-1IMG_20171004_105142JPG.jpg 123-1IMG_20171004_105142.jpg 123-2IMG_20171004_105157.jpg The Ladys Book. A Monthly Magizine of Belles letterfes and the arts. Vol.4#5-7,11,12, 5#2,3,5-8,10-12, 17#7-12, 18#1-4 (1832-33, 1838-39) L.A.Godey & Company Philadelphia 1832-1839 26.5cm ¥24,000 Bd. 頁破れあり、2 vols. Bound 123 分類3 女性 雑誌
17 49-1IMG_20171003_145246JPG.jpg 49-1IMG_20171003_145246.jpg 49-2IMG_20171003_145307.jpg The Young Lady’s Book. A Manual of Elegant recreations, excercises and pursuites. First Edition. Beautifully bound with 3 gilded edges Bowen, Abel Boston 1836 17.5cm 505p. ¥15,000 Bd. 49 分類3 女性
18 127-1IMG_20171004_105418JPG.jpg 127-1IMG_20171004_105418.jpg 127-2IMG_20171004_105435.jpg The true principles of pointed or christian Architectures. With an aplogy and contrasts in one vols. With 9+10+15 plates. Puginm A. Welby London 1841-43 25.5cm 67+51+104p. ¥65,000 Bd. 製本壊れ 127 分類4 イギリス 建築 イラスト
19 169-1IMG_20171017_092713JPG.jpg 169-1IMG_20171017_092713.jpg 169-2IMG_20171017_092725.jpg george Cruikshank’s Omnibus Blanchard, Laman (Ed.) London 1842 24cm 300p. ¥24,000 Bd. 169 分類4 イギリス 文学
20 31-1IMG_20171003_143623JPG.jpg 31-1IMG_20171003_143623.jpg 31-2IMG_20171003_143636.jpg Letters from New York. First Edition. Child, Maria L. NewYork 1843 19.5cm 276p. ¥15,000 Bd. 31 分類2 ニューヨーク
21 29-1IMG_20171003_143530JPG.jpg 29-1IMG_20171003_143530.jpg 29-2IMG_20171003_143542.jpg Phantasmagoria of fun, 2 vols. Crowquill, Alfred London 1843 19.5cm 306+298p. ¥16,000 1巻製本壊れ 29 分類4 美術
22 33-1IMG_20171003_143712JPG.jpg 33-1IMG_20171003_143712.jpg 33-2IMG_20171003_143724.jpg Phantasmagoria of fun, 2 vols. Crowquill, Alfred London 1843 20.5cm 306+298p. ¥18,000 Bd. 33 分類4 美術
23 41-1IMG_20171003_144904JPG.jpg 41-1IMG_20171003_144904.jpg 41-2IMG_20171003_144914.jpg Hand Book for Travellers in Ireland. Fraser, James Dublin 1844 18.5cm 735p. ¥20,000 Bd. 41 分類2 旅 アイルランド
24 30-1IMG_20171003_143554JPG.jpg 30-1IMG_20171003_143554.jpg 30-2IMG_20171003_143601.jpg The Mother’s Book. 6th.edition. Child, Maria L. NewYork 1844 19.5cm 175p. ¥8,000 Bd. 30 分類3 女性 母
25 32-1IMG_20171003_143650JPG.jpg 32-1IMG_20171003_143650.jpg 32-2IMG_20171003_143702.jpg Letters from New York. 2nd. Edition. Child, Maria L. NewYork 1845 19.5cm 287p. ¥8,000 製本の背壊れ 32 分類2 ニューヨーク
26 120-1IMG_20171004_104945JPG.jpg 120-1IMG_20171004_104945.jpg 120-2IMG_20171004_104956.jpg Household Book of Practical Receipts. In the art, manufactures, and trades, includeing medicine, pharmcy, and domesc economy. Reynolds, Sussannah Orances & Hall, William E. London 1847 25.2cm 242p. ¥10,000 Bd. 白紙を挿入して書き入れあり。 120 分類3 女性 家政 医
27 146-1IMG_20171016_114339JPG.jpg 146-1IMG_20171016_114339.jpg 146-2IMG_20171016_114350.jpg Lectures on Shakespeare. 2 vols. Hudson, H.N. NewYork 1848 19cm 336+348p. ¥15,000 Bd. 146 分類4 イギリス 文学 シェイクスピア
28 34-1IMG_20171003_143736JPG.jpg 34-1IMG_20171003_143736.jpg 34-2IMG_20171003_143748.jpg Biographies of Good Wives. Child, Maria L. NewYork 1850 18.5cm 288p. ¥4,000 Bd. (扉にDiscardedのハンコ) 34 分類3 女性 妻
29 233-1IMG_20171017_103333JPG.jpg 233-1IMG_20171017_103333.jpg 233-2IMG_20171017_103345.jpg The Golden Ball; and other stories. Philadelphia 1852 13.5cm 64p. ¥1,500 Paper 233 分類4 アメリカ 文学
30 36-1IMG_20171003_143822JPG.jpg 36-1IMG_20171003_143822.jpg 36-2IMG_20171003_143831.jpg The Narrative of an Explorer in tropical South Africa. With a colour plate and map. Beautifully bound Galton, Francis London 1853 19.5cm 314p ¥80,000 Bd. 36 分類2 旅 南アフリカ 地図
31 59-1IMG_20171003_172426JPG.jpg 59-1IMG_20171003_172426.jpg 59-2IMG_20171003_172437.jpg Woman’s Medical Guide Pulte, J.H. Cincinnati 1853 19.5cm 332p. ¥5,000 Bd. 59 分類3 女性 医
32 39-1IMG_20171003_144033JPG.jpg 39-1IMG_20171003_144033.jpg 39-2IMG_20171003_144045.jpg The Art of Travel or, shifts and contrivances available in wild countries. 2nd. Edition. Galton, Francis London 1856 18cm 247p. ¥30,000 Bd.背が取れそう 39 分類2 旅 美術
33 124-1IMG_20171004_105209JPG.jpg 124-1IMG_20171004_105209.jpg 124-2IMG_20171004_105222.jpg Lake Ngami; or, Explorations and Discoveries, during four yearss’ wandering in the wilds of South Western Africa. 2nd edition. with many litographs and engravings. Andersson, Charles John London 1856 26cm 546p. ¥25,000 Bd. 124 分類2 アフリカ イラスト
34 14-1IMG_20171003_134231JPG.jpg 14-1IMG_20171003_134231.jpg 14-2IMG_20171003_134245.jpg Modern Cookery, for private families. Many illustrations. Acton, Eliza London 1860 18.5cm 643p. ¥15,000 Bd. 14 分類3 女性 料理
35 8-1IMG_20171003_133824JPG.jpg 8-1IMG_20171003_133824.jpg 8-2IMG_20171003_133841.jpg Vacation Tourists and Notes of Travel in 1860-1863 3 vols. Galton, Francis London 1861-1864 22.5cm 483p. ¥60,000 Bd. 8 分類2 旅
36 227-1IMG_20171017_102941JPG.jpg 227-1IMG_20171017_102941.jpg 227-2IMG_20171017_102948.jpg Manuel des associés pour la conversion de l’empire du Japon 2nd. Edition Paris 1863 15cm 346p. ¥4,000 Paper 227 分類1 日本
37 13-1IMG_20171003_134204JPG.jpg 13-1IMG_20171003_134204.jpg 13-2IMG_20171003_134217.jpg Housekeeper’s Encyclopedia of useful information for the housekeeper. – Cooking and Domestic Economy Haskell, E,F, Mrs. NewYork 1863 20cm 445p. ¥6,000 Bd. 13 分類3 女性 家政婦
38 161-1IMG_20171016_115414JPG.jpg 161-1IMG_20171016_115414.jpg 161-2IMG_20171016_115428.jpg Impressions d’Un Japonais en France, Cortambert,Richard Paris 1864 18cm 205p. ¥16,000 Paper 161 分類1 日本
39 43-1IMG_20171003_145012JPG.jpg 43-1IMG_20171003_145012.jpg 43-2IMG_20171003_145020.jpg The Colonial Empire of Great Britain, Part I; American Colony. With colour maps Rowe, Rev.G. London 1864 16.7cm 165p. ¥12,000 Bd 43 分類2 植民地 アメリカ 地図
40 175-1IMG_20171017_093131JPG.jpg 175-1IMG_20171017_093131.jpg 175-2IMG_20171017_093143.jpg Histoire de la vie et Martyre des Saints Japonais. Boero, Le P. Joseph Toulouse 1865 23cm 132p. ¥10,000 Paper 175 分類1 日本
41 40-1IMG_20171003_144844JPG.jpg 40-1IMG_20171003_144844.jpg 40-2IMG_20171003_144854.jpg Handbook for travellers in Ireland. With travekking maps. 2nd. Ed. London 1866 17.5cm 70+358p. ¥12,000 Bd. 40 分類2 旅 アイルランド
42 130-1IMG_20171004_105632JPG.jpg 130-1IMG_20171004_105632.jpg 130-2IMG_20171004_105641.jpg The parks, promenades and gardens of Paris. With many illustration and maps. Robinson, W. London 1869 23cm 644p. ¥25,000 Bd. 製本壊れ 130 分類4 フランス 庭園 イラスト
43 85-1IMG_20171004_101857JPG.jpg 85-1IMG_20171004_101857.jpg 85-2IMG_20171004_101908.jpg The story of Mark Raffles; or, An English Boy’s adventures among the Japanese. With 3 colour pictures. Dalton, William London 1872 17cm 308p. ¥10,000 Bd 85 分類1 日本
44 82-1IMG_20171004_101412JPG.jpg 82-1IMG_20171004_101412.jpg 82-2IMG_20171004_101428.jpg Around the World. Sketches of Travel through many lands and over many seas. With numerous illustrations. Prime, E.D.G. NewYork 1872 20.5cm 455p. ¥9,000 Bd. 82 分類2 旅 世界 イラスト
45 140-1IMG_20171016_113954JPG.jpg 140-1IMG_20171016_113954.jpg 140-2IMG_20171016_114008.jpg Pékin, Yeddo San Francisco. Voyage autour du Monde. Sixiene Edition. Bound Beatifully Beauvoir, le Comte de Paris 1872 18cm 359p. ¥15,000 Bd. 140 分類2 旅行 中国
46 171-1IMG_20171017_092810JPG.jpg 171-1IMG_20171017_092810.jpg 171-2IMG_20171017_092824.jpg Tom Hood’s Comic Annual for 1874,77,78,79,80,82 in one volume The Brothers Dalziel London 1874-82 20.5cm approx110p.each ¥24,000 Bd. 171 分類4 イギリス マンガ 美術
47 172-1IMG_20171017_092840JPG.jpg 172-1IMG_20171017_092840.jpg 172-2IMG_20171017_092854.jpg Tom Hood’s Comic Annual for 1875,76,77,78,79,80 in one volume The Brothers Dalziel London 1875-80 20.5cm approx110p.each ¥24,000 Bd. 172 分類4 イギリス マンガ 美術
48 76-1IMG_20171003_173635JPG.jpg 76-1IMG_20171003_173635.jpg 76-2IMG_20171003_173651.jpg The Young Lady’s Book. A Manual of Amusement, Excercises, Studies and Pursuits. First Edition. Mackarness, Henry Mrs. London 1876 18.5cm 477p. ¥6,000 Bd. First Edition 76 分類3 女性
49 3-1IMG_20171003_133434JPG.jpg 3-1IMG_20171003_133434.jpg 3-2IMG_20171003_133456.jpg Around the World with General Grant, 1877-1879 2 vols. With 800 illustrations Young, Johm Russell American News Company 1879 26.5cm 631+631p ¥32,000 (グラント将軍世界旅行記) 3 分類2 旅 世界
50 65-1IMG_20171003_172843JPG.jpg 65-1IMG_20171003_172843.jpg 65-2IMG_20171003_172858.jpg A Tour around the world by General Grant. A Narrative of the Incidents and Events of His Journey McCabe, James D, (Ed.) Philadelphia 1879 22.5cm 810p. ¥15,000 Bd 65 分類2 旅 世界
51 79-1IMG_20171004_101245JPG.jpg 79-1IMG_20171004_101245.jpg 79-2IMG_20171004_101256.jpg General U.S. Grant’s Tour around the world. With many illustrations. Remlap, L.T. Chicago 1879 22cm 350p. SOLD OUT Bd. 79 分類2 旅 アメリカ 世界 イラスト
52 92-1IMG_20171004_102244JPG.jpg 92-1IMG_20171004_102244.jpg 92-2IMG_20171004_102253.jpg Round the world in six months. Bridges, E.S. (Lieut.-Colonel) London 1879 21.5cm 299p. ¥7,000 Bd. 製本の背が一部取れている 92 分類2 旅 世界
53 63-1IMG_20171003_172651JPG.jpg 63-1IMG_20171003_172651.jpg 63-2IMG_20171003_172703.jpg The Woman’s Medical Companion and guide to Health. Garbut, Fredk J. Boston 1879 20.5cm 500p. ¥8,000 63 分類3 女性 医
54 47-1IMG_20171003_145203JPG.jpg 47-1IMG_20171003_145203.jpg 47-2IMG_20171003_145216.jpg The official Guide & Hand-book to Swansea and its district. With a colour map Gamwell, S.C. Swansea 1880 19cm 194p. ¥5,000 Bd. 47 分類2 旅 ウェールズ スウォンジー 地図
55 173-1IMG_20171017_092922JPG.jpg 173-1IMG_20171017_092922.jpg 173-2IMG_20171017_092955.jpg Hood’s Comic Annual for 1881,83,84,86,89,90,92 in issue Fun office London 1881-92 20.5cm approx110p.each ¥21,000 Paper 173 分類4 イギリス マンガ 美術
56 83-1IMG_20171004_101442JPG.jpg 83-1IMG_20171004_101442.jpg 83-2IMG_20171004_101457.jpg Round the world letters. Bainbridge, Lucy Seaman NewYork 1882 20cm 542p. ¥15,000 Bd. 三方金製本 with many illustrations. 83 分類2 旅 世界 イラスト
57 88-1IMG_20171004_102057JPG.jpg 88-1IMG_20171004_102057.jpg 88-2IMG_20171004_102109.jpg Notes of what I saw and how I saw it; A tours around the world. With many illustrations. Converse, Loring Bucyrus, Ohio 1882 22.5cm 454p. ¥15,000 Bd. 88 分類2 旅 世界 イラスト
58 214-1IMG_20171017_101344JPG.jpg 214-1IMG_20171017_101344.jpg 214-2IMG_20171017_101413.jpg The Horse in Motion; As shown by instantaneous photography with a study on animal mechanics Stillman, D.B. Boston 1882 31.5cm 127+107plates ¥30,000 Bd. 214 分類4 アメリカ 動物 写真
59 84-1IMG_20171004_101518JPG.jpg 84-1IMG_20171004_101518.jpg 84-2IMG_20171004_101836.jpg Due West or round the world in ten months. Ballou, Maturin M. Boston 1884 20cm 387p. ¥10,000 Bd. 84 分類2 旅 世界
60 75-1IMG_20171003_173606JPG.jpg 75-1IMG_20171003_173606.jpg 75-2IMG_20171003_173621.jpg Woman’s Work and Worth in Girlhood, Maidenhood, and Wifehood. Davenport, W.H. Chicago 1884 19.5cm 370p. ¥5,000 Bd. 75 分類3 女性
61 228-1IMG_20171017_102958JPG.jpg 228-1IMG_20171017_102958.jpg 228-2IMG_20171017_103023.jpg Le Pasteur Carpes. La Princesse Vatanabé Paris 1885 14.5cm 31p. ¥6,000 Paper 228 分類1 日本
62 78-1IMG_20171003_173739JPG.jpg 78-1IMG_20171003_173739.jpg 78-2IMG_20171003_173752.jpg A Trip round the world in 1887-8.With many illustrations. Caine, W.S. London 1888 22cm 398p. ¥8,000 Bd. 三方金製本だがラベル貼りで壊れあり。 日本旅行含む。 78 分類1 旅 イラスト
63 218-1IMG_20171017_101806JPG.jpg 218-1IMG_20171017_101806.jpg 218-2IMG_20171017_101819.jpg An Encyclopedia of practical information and universal formulary. Bradbury, Robert Chicago 1888 28cm 779p. ¥6,000 Bd. 218 分類5 処方箋
64 37-1IMG_20171003_143841JPG.jpg 37-1IMG_20171003_143841.jpg 37-2IMG_20171003_143851.jpg The Narrative of an Explorer in tropical South Africa. Being an account of a visit to Damaraland in 1851 Galton, Francis London 1889 18.5cm 320p. ¥15,000 Bd. 37 分類2 旅 南アフリカ
65 45-1IMG_20171003_145100JPG.jpg 45-1IMG_20171003_145100.jpg 45-2IMG_20171003_145114.jpg The new far West and the old far East. With 1 original & 2 copied maps & illustrations Barneby, Henry London 1889 23cm 316p. ¥12,000 Bd. 45 分類2 極東 アジア 地図 イラスト
66 128-1IMG_20171004_105447JPG.jpg 128-1IMG_20171004_105447.jpg 128-2IMG_20171004_105502.jpg A race with the sun. or a Sixteen Months’ Tour from Chicago Around the World Through Manitoba and British Columbia By the Canadian Pacific Harrison, Carter H. Chicago 1889 24cm 574p. ¥8,000 Bd. 128 分類2 旅 アメリカ カナダ
67 104-1IMG_20171004_102926JPG.jpg 104-1IMG_20171004_102926.jpg 104-2IMG_20171004_102935.jpg A Japanese Boy. Shigemi, Shiukichi NewYork 1890 18.5cm 128p. ¥7,000 Bd. 104 分類1 日本
68 57-1IMG_20171003_172313JPG.jpg 57-1IMG_20171003_172313.jpg 57-2IMG_20171003_172333.jpg The Lady’s New Medical Guide. Pancoast, D. Boston 1890 20.5cm 682p. ¥8,000 Bd. 57 分類3 女性 医
69 119-1IMG_20171004_104920JPG.jpg 119-1IMG_20171004_104920.jpg 119-2IMG_20171004_104931.jpg Women.Her Character, Culture and Calling. Austin, Principal (Rev.) Editor Brantford, Ontario 1890 27cm 480p. ¥16,000 Bd. 119 分類3 女性
70 18-1IMG_20171003_140355JPG.jpg 18-1IMG_20171003_140355.jpg 18-2IMG_20171003_140406.jpg Galerie Contemporaine des Illustrations Franciases Lacroix, Paul de (Editeur) Paris 1890 35.5cm ¥1,200,000 Bd. 18 分類4 フランス 美術
71 201-1IMG_20171017_095216JPG.jpg 201-1IMG_20171017_095216.jpg 201-2IMG_20171017_095236.jpg Advertiser’s ABC of Official Scales & Chqarges and Advertisement Press Directory of the United Kingdom, India and the Colonies. T.B. Browne London 1890 29cm 1196p. ¥12,000 Bd. 201 分類5 イギリス インド 広告
72 204-1IMG_20171017_100402JPG.jpg 204-1IMG_20171017_100402.jpg 204-2IMG_20171017_100416.jpg A Vindication of the Decorated Pottery of Japan. Bowes, James L. Liverpool 1891 25.5cm 63p. ¥7,000 Bd. 製本壊れ 私家版 204 分類1 日本 詩
73 10-1IMG_20171003_134022JPG.jpg 10-1IMG_20171003_134022.jpg 10-2IMG_20171003_134032.jpg Around the World in Seven Months. Private distriubution Gillis, Charles J. N.Y. NewYork 1891 18cm 157p. ¥10,000 Bd. 口絵写真はずれ 10 分類2 旅 世界
74 86-1IMG_20171004_101934JPG.jpg 86-1IMG_20171004_101934.jpg 86-2IMG_20171004_101952.jpg A flying trip around the world. Bisland, Elizabeth NewYork 1891 17.5cm 205p. ¥8,000 Bd. 86 分類2 旅 世界
75 118-1IMG_20171004_104817JPG.jpg 118-1IMG_20171004_104817.jpg 118-2IMG_20171004_104826.jpg Per Mare Per Terram: Reminiscences of 32 years military, naval, and constabulary serice. Poyntz, W.H. (Major) London 1892 22cm 361p. ¥4,000 Bd. 118 分類4 伝記 イギリス
76 5-1IMG_20171003_133650JPG.jpg 5-1IMG_20171003_133650.jpg 5-2IMG_20171003_133703.jpg Neely’s History of the Parliament of Religions and Religious Congress at the World’s Columbian Exposition. 2 vols.in one Houghton, Walter R. Prof. (ed.) Chicago 1893 22cm 1001p. SOLD OUT Bd. 5 分類2 博覧会 宗教
77 71-1IMG_20171003_173345JPG.jpg 71-1IMG_20171003_173345.jpg 71-2IMG_20171003_173409.jpg The World Parliament of Religions. The Columbian Exposition of 1893. 2 vols. Barrows, John Henry Chicago 1893 23cm 1600p. SOLD OUT Bd. 71 分類2 博覧会 宗教
78 103-1IMG_20171004_102907JPG.jpg 103-1IMG_20171004_102907.jpg 103-2IMG_20171004_102914.jpg Rev. Joseph Hardy Neesima. A Maker of New Japan. Davis, J.S. (Rev.) Chicago 1894 19cm 156p. ¥6,000 Bd. 103 分類1 日本
79 170-1IMG_20171017_092743JPG.jpg 170-1IMG_20171017_092743.jpg 170-2IMG_20171017_092755.jpg The Messanger for the Children of the Presbyterian Church of England. London 1894 22cm 139+16p ¥6,500 Bd. 170 分類2 イギリス 少年
80 7-1IMG_20171003_133752JPG.jpg 7-1IMG_20171003_133752.jpg 7-2IMG_20171003_133807.jpg Our journey around the world. An illustrated record of a year’s travel of forty thousand miles through India, China, Japan, Australia,etc. Clark, Francis E. Rev. Hartford, Conn. 1895 22.5cm 641p. ¥23,000 Bd. 7 分類2 旅 イラスト インド 中国 日本 オーストラリア
81 77-1IMG_20171003_173709JPG.jpg 77-1IMG_20171003_173709.jpg 77-2IMG_20171003_173720.jpg In the Path of Light. Around the world. A Missionary tour. With many illustrations. Stacy, Thomas H. Rev. NewYork 1895 20cm 248p. ¥6,000 Bd. 77 分類2 旅 世界 イラスト
82 180-1IMG_20171017_093353JPG.jpg 180-1IMG_20171017_093353.jpg 180-2IMG_20171017_093404.jpg In memory of Ms. Kashi Iwamoto with a collection of her English Writings. [巌本嘉志子] Diet February 10th., 1896 Iwamoto, Kashi Yokohama 1896 19cm 171p. ¥16,000 Paper 180 分類1 伝記 日本
83 73-1IMG_20171003_173511JPG.jpg 73-1IMG_20171003_173511.jpg 73-2IMG_20171003_173520.jpg The glory of Woman or Love, Marriage and Maternity. Allen Monfort B. & McGregor Amelia C. Cincinnati 1896 21cm 511p. Bd. 73 分類3 女性 結婚 出産
84 135-1IMG_20171004_105929JPG.jpg 135-1IMG_20171004_105929.jpg 135-2IMG_20171004_105938.jpg Ladies’ Home Manual of Physical Culture and Beauty. Allen, Monford B. & McGregor America C. Chicago 1896 21cm 511p. ¥5,000 Bd. 製本背壊れ 135 分類3 女性 家政
85 196-1IMG_20171017_094713JPG.jpg 196-1IMG_20171017_094713.jpg 196-2IMG_20171017_094728.jpg The Review of Reviews. Illustrated. Vol.13, 15 and 30 (with miscellaneous cartoons) Stead, W.T. (Ed.) London 1896-97, 1904 24.5cm 570+612+676p. ¥6,000 Bd. 196 分類4 イギリス イラスト
86 69-1IMG_20171003_173130JPG.jpg 69-1IMG_20171003_173130.jpg 69-2IMG_20171003_173143.jpg Beauties and Antiquities of Ireland. Being a tourists guide to it’s most beautiful scenery & an archaeologists manual for it’s most interesting Ruins Russell, T.O. London 1897 20.5cm 399p. ¥8,000 Bd. 69 分類2 旅 アイルランド 美術
87 64-1IMG_20171003_172804JPG.jpg 64-1IMG_20171003_172804.jpg 64-2IMG_20171003_172820.jpg Historey of the Church Missionary Society. Its Environment, its men and its work. 4 vols. Stock, Eugene (Ed.) London 1899 22cm 504+659+912+665p. ¥32,000 Bd. 64 分類1 宣教
88 46-1IMG_20171003_145135JPG.jpg 46-1IMG_20171003_145135.jpg 46-2IMG_20171003_145151.jpg Handbook to the Canterbury. British Association for the Advancement of Science, Dover Meeting. Dover 1899 18.5cm 100p. ¥4,000 Bd. 46 分類2 旅 カンタベリー
89 122-1IMG_20171004_105113JPG.jpg 122-1IMG_20171004_105113.jpg 122-2IMG_20171004_105127.jpg Ladies’s Home Companion. A book giving ful information on all the mysterious and complex matters pertaining to women. Melendy, Mary R. Philadelphia 1901 24.5cm 502p. ¥8,000 Bd. 122 分類3 女性 家政
90 9-1IMG_20171003_133920JPG.jpg 9-1IMG_20171003_133920.jpg 9-2IMG_20171003_133936.jpg Our empire past and present 2 vols: Great Britain in Europe and Asia The Earl of Meath, M.H.Cornwall Legh and Edith Jackson London 1901-1905 19.5cm 417+783p. ¥35,000 Bd. 9 分類4 イギリス ヨーロッパ アジア
91 87-1IMG_20171004_102019JPG.jpg 87-1IMG_20171004_102019.jpg 87-2IMG_20171004_102037.jpg Around the World through Japan. With many pictures. Mar, Walter del NewYork 1902 23cm 435p. ¥18,000 Bd. 87 分類2 旅 世界 日本 イラスト
92 102-1IMG_20171004_102839JPG.jpg 102-1IMG_20171004_102839.jpg 102-2IMG_20171004_102856.jpg For his People. Being the true story of Sogoro’s sacrifice entitled in the original Japanese version the cherry blossans of a spring morn. Hayashi, Viscount London 1903 19cm 227p. ¥4,000 Bd. 102 分類1 日本
93 61-1IMG_20171003_172543JPG.jpg 61-1IMG_20171003_172543.jpg 61-2IMG_20171003_172552.jpg The Woman’s Library Vol.2: Needlework with numerous illustrations McKena, Ethel M.M. (Ed.) London 1903 19cm 312p. ¥6,000 61 分類3 女性 イラスト 刺繍
94 62-1IMG_20171003_172606JPG.jpg 62-1IMG_20171003_172606.jpg 62-2IMG_20171003_172618.jpg The Woman’s Library Vol.4: Some arts and craft. McKena, Ethel M.M. (Ed.) London 1903 19cm 327p. ¥5,000 62 分類3 女性 美術 工芸
95 200-1IMG_20171017_095129JPG.jpg 200-1IMG_20171017_095129.jpg 200-2IMG_20171017_095146.jpg The Stuckey Lean Collection (Bristol Public Libraries. Reference Library) Mathews, Norris (Ed.) Bristol 1903 26cm 268p. ¥5,000 Bd. 200 分類4 イギリス
96 195-1IMG_20171017_094636JPG.jpg 195-1IMG_20171017_094636.jpg 195-2IMG_20171017_094647.jpg Chronicles of Pioneer School From 1792 to 1833, Being the History of Miss Sarah Pierce and Her Litchfield School Vanderpoel, Emily Noyes, Buel, Elizabeth C. Barney (Ed.) Cambridge, Mass. 1903 25cm 465p. ¥15,000 Bd. 195 分類3 女性 学校
97 112-1IMG_20171004_104439JPG.jpg 112-1IMG_20171004_104439.jpg 112-2IMG_20171004_104446.jpg Japan by the Japanese; a survey by its highest authoriries. Stead. Alfred NewYork 1904 23cm 697p. ¥7,000 Bd. 112 分類1 日本
98 192-1IMG_20171017_094244JPG.jpg 192-1IMG_20171017_094244.jpg 192-2IMG_20171017_094304.jpg Japan. In the Beginning of the 20th Centry. The Dept. of Agriculture and Commerce, Japan. Tokyo 1904 23cm 828p. ¥25,000 Bd. 三方金製本 192 分類1 日本
99 105-1IMG_20171004_102946JPG.jpg 105-1IMG_20171004_102946.jpg 105-2IMG_20171004_102955.jpg Japan. The Eastern Wonderland. Angus, D.C. London 1905 17.5cm 210p. ¥8,500 Bd. 105 分類1 日本
100 153-1IMG_20171016_114757JPG.jpg 153-1IMG_20171016_114757.jpg 153-2IMG_20171016_114807.jpg Les Hannetons de Paris. Lecomte, Georges Paris 1905 18.5cm 386p. ¥4,500 Bd. Bound Beatifully 153 分類4 フランス
101 154-1IMG_20171016_114823JPG.jpg 154-1IMG_20171016_114823.jpg 154-2IMG_20171016_114832.jpg Pays de Mousmés, Pays de Guerre ! Pettit, Charles Paris 1905 18.5cm 288p. ¥5,000 Bd. Bound Beatifully 154 分類4 フランス
102 89-1IMG_20171004_102123JPG.jpg 89-1IMG_20171004_102123.jpg 89-2IMG_20171004_102138.jpg A trip around the world. With illustrations. Harwood, Nahum Leominster. Mass. 1906 22.5cm 163p. ¥7,000 Bd. 89 分類2 旅 世界 イラスト
103 199-1IMG_20171017_095030JPG.jpg 199-1IMG_20171017_095030.jpg 199-2IMG_20171017_095049.jpg The New America and the Far East. Vols.1-10 Browne, G. Waldo and Dole Nathan Haskell. Boston 1907 27cm ¥40,000 Bd. 三方金製本 199 分類1 アジア
104 12-1IMG_20171003_134121JPG.jpg 12-1IMG_20171003_134121.jpg 12-2IMG_20171003_134135.jpg Daily Notes of a trip around the world. 2 vols. Howe, E.W Topeka Kan 1907 19.5cm. 375+312p. ¥4,000 Bd. 12 分類2 旅 世界
105 70-1IMG_20171003_173307JPG.jpg 70-1IMG_20171003_173307.jpg 70-2IMG_20171003_173324.jpg A Book of the South West. British Medical Association Exeter 1907 23.5cm 219p. ¥7,000 Bd. 製本に書き込みあり 70 分類2 旅 イギリス
106 90-1IMG_20171004_102158JPG.jpg 90-1IMG_20171004_102158.jpg 90-2IMG_20171004_102210.jpg Stewart’s Handbook of the Pacific Islands. A reliable guide to all the inhabited islands of the pacific ocean, for Tourists and Traders and Settlers. With many pictures and a map Stewart, McCarron (publisher) Sydney 1907 22cm 80p. ¥12,000 Bd. 90 分類2 旅 太平洋 イラスト 地図
107 129-1IMG_20171004_105600JPG.jpg 129-1IMG_20171004_105600.jpg 129-2IMG_20171004_105618.jpg The old world and its ways. A toures around the world and journeys through Europe. Bryan, Willaim Jennings. St.Louis 1907 24cm 574p. ¥15,000 Bd. 製本壊れ 129 分類2 旅 世界
108 139-1IMG_20171016_113925JPG.jpg 139-1IMG_20171016_113925.jpg 139-2IMG_20171016_113938.jpg Américains et Japonais. L’émigration japonaise aux Hawai, en Californie, au Canada et dans l’ Amérique du Sud. Le conflit économique, social et politique. Les États-Unis, le Japon et les Puissances. Bound Beatifully Aubert, Louis Paris 1908 18cm 430p. ¥12,000 Bd. 139 分類1 日本 移民
109 21-1IMG_20171003_141814JPG.jpg 21-1IMG_20171003_141814.jpg 21-2IMG_20171003_141825.jpg British Empire (and Japan). A modern Atlas. 213 maps & 272 illustrations. 1909 Bisiker W, London 1909 44cm 81p. ¥14,000 Bd. 21 分類1 イギリス 日本
110 93-1IMG_20171004_102308JPG.jpg 93-1IMG_20171004_102308.jpg 93-2IMG_20171004_102320.jpg Tales of Travel. All around the world. Taylor, Horace A. NewYork 1909 20.5cm 277p. ¥10,000 Bd. 93 分類2 旅 世界
111 194-1IMG_20171017_094600JPG.jpg 194-1IMG_20171017_094600.jpg 194-2IMG_20171017_094617.jpg International Library of Technology. 2 vols.:General definitions, and Advertisement Display, International Textbook Company Scranton 1909 23cm ¥10,000 Bd 194 分類5 国際 図書館
112 91-1IMG_20171004_102222JPG.jpg 91-1IMG_20171004_102222.jpg 91-2IMG_20171004_102231.jpg A vagabond journey around the world. A narrative of personal experience. Franck, Harry A. Garden City, N.Y. 1910 21.5cm 502p. ¥12,000 Bd. 91 分類2 旅 世界
113 94-1IMG_20171004_102332JPG.jpg 94-1IMG_20171004_102332.jpg 94-2IMG_20171004_102341.jpg Around the World on the Cleveland. With many pictures Frizell, William G. & Greenfield, George H. Privately Printed by the Otterbein Press 1910 20cm 307p. ¥8,000 Bd. 94 分類2 旅 世界 イラスト
114 203-1IMG_20171017_100326JPG.jpg 203-1IMG_20171017_100326.jpg 203-2IMG_20171017_100345.jpg Album officiel de L’Exposition de Bruxelles. 1910 Valentine & Sons Ltd. Bruxelles 1910 20.5cm 横 ¥2,000 Bd. 203 分類2 ブリュッセル イラスト
115 177-1IMG_20171017_093224JPG.jpg 177-1IMG_20171017_093224.jpg 177-2IMG_20171017_093234.jpg Deuxième Conférence international de la Paix á la Haye. Conevention et traités. la Haye 1910 20.5cm 322p. ¥2,500 Paper 177 分類5 国際 平和
116 95-1IMG_20171004_102354JPG.jpg 95-1IMG_20171004_102354.jpg 95-2IMG_20171004_102402.jpg Around the world and south America. Letter written on the way for a home paper while traveling from New York to India, China and Japan 1907 Sherrick, Johnson Canton, Ohio 1912 20cm 271p. ¥5,000 Bd. 95 分類2 旅 南アメリカ 中国 日本
117 142-1IMG_20171016_114159JPG.jpg 142-1IMG_20171016_114159.jpg 142-2IMG_20171016_114212.jpg Our Work for the World. McDowell, William Fraser (Mrs.) Boston 1913 20cm 174p. ¥7,000 Paper 142 分類2 旅 世界
118 143-1IMG_20171016_114228JPG.jpg 143-1IMG_20171016_114228.jpg 143-2IMG_20171016_114239.jpg The Girl Scout. Being the Adventure of Aggie Phillips and her Amateur Patrol. Girvin Brenda London 1913 19.5cm 319p. ¥2,500 Bd. 143 分類3 女性 スカウト
119 145-1IMG_20171016_114319JPG.jpg 145-1IMG_20171016_114319.jpg 145-2IMG_20171016_114326.jpg The British Empire Universities Modern English illustrated Dictionary. Price, Edward D. and Peck, H. Thurston London 1913 19.5cm 1007p. ¥2,500 Bd. 製本壊れ少々 145 分類4 イギリス 英語 辞典
120 106-1IMG_20171004_103007JPG.jpg 106-1IMG_20171004_103007.jpg 106-2IMG_20171004_103017.jpg Terry’s Japanese Empire, Including Korea and Formosa. A Guidebook for Travellers. With many maps. Terry, T. Philip Boston 1914 16cm 799p. ¥16,000 Bd. 106 分類1 日本
121 11-1IMG_20171003_134045JPG.jpg 11-1IMG_20171003_134045.jpg 11-2IMG_20171003_134100.jpg Around the world with Jack and Janet. Waterbury, Norma R. 1915 19.5cm 156p. ¥4,000 Paper 11 分類2 旅 世界
122 20-1IMG_20171003_141544JPG.jpg 20-1IMG_20171003_141544.jpg 20-2MG_20171003_141557.jpg Kultur Cartoons (Foreword by H G Wells) Dyson, Will London 1915 35.5cm 17 pictues ¥15,000 Paper 20 分類4 マンガ 美術
123 1-1IMG_20171003_133105JPG.jpg 1-1IMG_20171003_133105.jpg 1-2IMG_20171003_133125.jpg The Celebrities of Japan: Souvenir of the Accession being compendoium of information about Modern Japan in all her activities Ryosho Kankokwai (良書刊行会) Ryosho Kankokwai (良書刊行会) 1915 (T4) A4 26+64+252+46+28+42+8+46p. ¥15,000 製本はずれ (英文日本有名誌) 1 分類1 日本
124 152-1IMG_20171016_114626JPG.jpg 152-1IMG_20171016_114626.jpg 152-2IMG_20171016_114639.jpg Sages et Poétes d’Asie. Couchoud, Paul-Louis Paris 1916 18cm 299p. ¥3,000 Bd. 152 分類1 アジア
125 74-1IMG_20171003_173539JPG.jpg 74-1IMG_20171003_173539.jpg 74-2IMG_20171003_173548.jpg Personal Hygiene and Physical Training for Women. Galbraith, Anna M. Philadelphia 1916 20.5cm 393p. ¥6,000 Bd. 74 分類3 女性 医
126 159-1IMG_20171016_115316JPG.jpg 159-1IMG_20171016_115316.jpg 159-2IMG_20171016_115326.jpg Le Journal d’Une Geisha. (Fuku-ko) Traduction du Japonais par H. Dupont Myû, T. Venezia 1920 17.5cm 221p. ¥2,500 Paper 159 分類1 芸者
127 162-1IMG_20171016_115445JPG.jpg 162-1IMG_20171016_115445.jpg 162-2IMG_20171016_115511.jpg Epigrammes a la Japonaise. Neuville, Albert de Paris 1921 19cm 74p. ¥2,000 Paper 162 分類1 日本
128 19-1IMG_20171003_141139JPG.jpg 19-1IMG_20171003_141139.jpg 19-2IMG_20171003_141152.jpg English Homes 9 vols. And English Gardens 1 vol. Tipping, Avray, H & London 1921-26 39.5cm ¥700,000 Bd. 要再製本 復刻済 19 分類4 イギリス 庭園
129 6-1IMG_20171003_133719JPG.jpg 6-1IMG_20171003_133719.jpg 6-2IMG_20171003_133734.jpg Japan and her colonies. Biglow, Poutney London 1923 22cm 276p. ¥20,000 Bd. 6 分類1 日本
130 189-1IMG_20171017_094056JPG.jpg 189-1IMG_20171017_094056.jpg 189-2IMG_20171017_094112.jpg Le Japon souriant. Ses Samouraîs, ses Bonze, ses Geishas. Avec une Reproduction de Peinture Ancienne et 39 Photographies. 34 Emblemes et Dessins sur Bois et Cuivre D’Artistes Japonais Contemporains. Bound Beatifully Chauvelot, Robert Paris 1923 23.5cm 222p. ¥24,000 Bd. 189 分類1 日本 侍 芸者
131 188-1IMG_20171017_094009JPG.jpg 188-1IMG_20171017_094009.jpg 188-2IMG_20171017_094032.jpg Japon et Extrême-Orient. Revue mensulle. Nos.1-11/12 Aubert, Louis et Couchoud, Paul-Louis Paris. 1923-24 22.5cm ¥40,000 Paper 188 分類1 日本
132 107-1IMG_20171004_103028JPG.jpg 107-1IMG_20171004_103028.jpg 107-2IMG_20171004_103037.jpg Guide to China. With land and sea routes between the American and European Continents. 2nd. Edition. With many maps. Japanese Government Raiways Tokyo 1924 16cm 448p. ¥50,000 Bd. 107 分類1 中国 日本
133 160-1IMG_20171016_115342JPG.jpg 160-1IMG_20171016_115342.jpg 160-2IMG_20171016_115350.jpg Anthologie de la Littérature Japonaise contemporaine. Yoshitomi, M. Grenoble 1924 19cm 225p. ¥7,000 Paper 160 分類1 日本 文学
134 182-1IMG_20171017_093450JPG.jpg 182-1IMG_20171017_093450.jpg 182-2IMG_20171017_093508.jpg The Development of Japanese Journalism. Hanazono, Kanesada Osaka 1924 22.5cm 110p. ¥8,500 Bd. 182 分類1 日本
135 109-1IMG_20171004_104332JPG.jpg 109-1IMG_20171004_104332.jpg 109-2IMG_20171004_104343.jpg Fifty Years in Foreign Fields, China, Japan, India, Arabia. Chamberlain, W.I. Mrs. NewYork 1925 24.5cm 292p. ¥5,000 Bd. 109 分類1 中国 日本
136 68-1IMG_20171003_173056JPG.jpg 68-1IMG_20171003_173056.jpg 68-2IMG_20171003_173115.jpg Phases of Modern Science. British Empire Exhibition 1925 London 1925 22cm 232p. ¥8,000 Bd. 68 分類5 科学
137 115-1IMG_20171004_104601JPG.jpg 115-1IMG_20171004_104601.jpg 115-2IMG_20171004_104612.jpg Journalism in Japan and its early pioneers. Hanazono, Kanesada Osaka 1926 21.5cm 82p. ¥16,000 Paper 115 分類1 日本
138 141-1IMG_20171016_114052JPG.jpg 141-1IMG_20171016_114052.jpg 141-2IMG_20171016_114142.jpg Young Hearts in Old Japan. Japanese-American Interpretations. Madden, Maude Whitemore NewYork 1926 19.3cm 159p. ¥4,500 Bd. 2冊、但し1冊は口絵無し 141 分類1 日本
139 158-1IMG_20171016_115233JPG.jpg 158-1IMG_20171016_115233.jpg 158-2IMG_20171016_115300.jpg Poupée Japonaise. illustration de Henfusa Ittcho, Haru Kawa Champsaur, Félicien Paris 1926 20cm 323p. ¥12,000 Bd. 158 分類1 日本 イラスト
140 229-1IMG_20171017_103035JPG.jpg 229-1IMG_20171017_103035.jpg 229-2IMG_20171017_103054.jpg Chansons des GEISHAS. Frontispice de Foujita. Beatifully bound STEINILBER-OBERLIN – HIDETAKÉ-IWAMURA Paris 1926 16.5cm 199p. ¥12,000 Bd. 229 分類1 日本 芸者
141 179-1IMG_20171017_093322JPG.jpg 179-1IMG_20171017_093322.jpg 179-2IMG_20171017_093336.jpg Chopsticks and Clogs. Madden, Maude W. Cincinnati 1927 19cm 127p. ¥3,500 Bd. 179 分類1 日本
142 193-1IMG_20171017_094324JPG.jpg 193-1IMG_20171017_094324.jpg 193-2IMG_20171017_094354.jpg Memorials of Naibu Kanda. Kanda Memorial Committee (Ed.) Tokyo 1927 22.5cm 516p. ¥4,500 Bd. 193 分類1 伝記 日本
143 206-1IMG_20171017_100525JPG.jpg 206-1IMG_20171017_100525.jpg 206-2IMG_20171017_100552.jpg Japan The Rotary Clubs of Japan Tokyo 1927 26.5cm 146p. ¥5,000 Paper 206 分類1 日本
144 181-1IMG_20171017_093421JPG.jpg 181-1IMG_20171017_093421.jpg 181-2IMG_20171017_093436.jpg The Way of Umé Sawyer, Edith A. NewYork 1928 21cm 145p. ¥4,500 Bd. [ウメノミチ] 181 分類1 伝記 日本
145 176-1IMG_20171017_093201JPG.jpg 176-1IMG_20171017_093201.jpg 176-2IMG_20171017_093209.jpg Le Muséee Guimet (1918-1927) [Annales du Musée Guimet] Paris 1928 19cm 146+16plates ¥3,000 Paper 176 分類4 フランス 博物館
146 198-1IMG_20171017_094851JPG.jpg 198-1IMG_20171017_094851.jpg 198-2IMG_20171017_094905.jpg Cars and Motor-Cycles. 3 vols. Beaulieu, Lord Montagu of and Bourdon, Marcus London 1928 25cm 1267p. ¥18,000 Bd. 198 分類5 車
147 178-1IMG_20171017_093252JPG.jpg 178-1IMG_20171017_093252.jpg 178-2IMG_20171017_093302.jpg The Land of God and Earthquakes, Harring, Douglas Gilbert NewYork 1929 22cm 203p. ¥4,500 Bd. 178 分類1 日本
148 219-1IMG_20171017_101852JPG.jpg 219-1IMG_20171017_101852.jpg 219-2IMG_20171017_101903.jpg The later work of Aubrey Beardsley Beardsley, Aubrey London 1930 28cm 174plates ¥12,000 Bd. 219 分類4 イギリス 文学
149 156-1IMG_20171016_115144JPG.jpg 156-1IMG_20171016_115144.jpg 156-2IMG_20171016_115156.jpg Where day dawns (hi-no-mo-to) A Japanese Reader Madden, Maude Whitmore NewYork 1931 19cm 160p. ¥3,000 Bd. 156 分類1 日本
150 110-1IMG_20171004_104355JPG.jpg 110-1IMG_20171004_104355.jpg 110-2IMG_20171004_104407.jpg Art life and Nature in Japan. Anesaki, Masaharu Boston 1932 23.5cm 178p. ¥6,000 Bd. 110 分類1 日本
151 220-1IMG_20171017_101924JPG.jpg 220-1IMG_20171017_101924.jpg 220-2IMG_20171017_101939.jpg The Business of the Theatre, prepared on behalf of the actors’ equity association. Bernheim, Alfred NewYork 1932 31cm 217p. ¥6,000 Bd. 220 分類4 アメリカ 演劇
152 4-1IMG_20171003_133605JPG.jpg 4-1IMG_20171003_133605.jpg 4-2IMG_20171003_133625.jpg Two Years of the JAPAN-CHINA undeclared war and the Atittude of the War. 2nd.Ed. Lee, Bing-Shuey Shanghai 1933 23.5cm 613p. ¥50,000 Bd. 4 分類1 中国 日本
153 101-1IMG_20171004_102812JPG.jpg 101-1IMG_20171004_102812.jpg 101-2IMG_20171004_102820.jpg Japan and the World. The Current Topics of the World Miwa, Suehiko (Prof.) Tokyo 1933 19.5cm 146p. ¥2,500 Bd. 101 分類1 日本
154 190-1IMG_20171017_094134JPG.jpg 190-1IMG_20171017_094134.jpg 190-2IMG_20171017_094148.jpg YOSHINO Collection Japonaise pour la Presemtation de Texte poetique. Nos.1-7,9,10 with 2 issues Bonneau Georges Paris 1933-35 26.5cm ¥60,000 Paper 190 分類1 日本
155 100-1IMG_20171004_102750JPG.jpg 100-1IMG_20171004_102750.jpg 100-2IMG_20171004_102801.jpg New Sketches of Men and Life. Fukuda, Ippei (福田 市平) Tokyo 1934 19cm 119p. ¥4,500 Bd. 100 分類1 伝記 日本
156 148-1IMG_20171016_114435JPG.jpg 148-1IMG_20171016_114435.jpg 148-2IMG_20171016_114443.jpg Girl Guiding. A Handbook for Brownies, Guides, Rangers, and Guiders, 12th. Edition. Baden-Powell of Gilwell (Lord) London 1934 18.5cm 204p. ¥3,000 Paper 148 分類3 女性
157 163-1IMG_20171016_115527JPG.jpg 163-1IMG_20171016_115527.jpg 163-2IMG_20171016_115545.jpg Samourai 8 Cylindres ou Le Beau Voyage au Pays du Soleil Levant. Dekobra, Maurice Paris 1935 19cm 237p. ¥3,000 Paper 163 分類1 日本 侍
158 168-1IMG_20171016_115842JPG.jpg 168-1IMG_20171016_115842.jpg 168-2IMG_20171016_115903.jpg Voyage du Jeune Stanislas au Japon ou Eaasais sur la Civilisation japonaise. 2 vols. Ribaud, Michel Paris 1935 302+256p. ¥18,000 Paper Vol.1表紙外れ 168 分類1 日本
159 215-1IMG_20171017_101514JPG.jpg 215-1IMG_20171017_101514.jpg 215-2IMG_20171017_101538.jpg Architectural Japan OLD NEW The Japan Times and Mail Tokyo 1936 30cm 293p. ¥22,000 Bd. (建築の日本) 215 分類1 日本 建築
160 150-1IMG_20171016_114537JPG.jpg 150-1IMG_20171016_114537.jpg 150-2IMG_20171016_114547.jpg Sea Scouting and Seamanship for Boys. Baden-Powell, W. (Sir) Glasgow 1936 18.5cm 189p. ¥5,000 Paper 背に痛みあり 150 分類3 少年 スカウト
161 111-1IMG_20171004_104421JPG.jpg 111-1IMG_20171004_104421.jpg 111-2IMG_20171004_104428.jpg Japan’s Foreign Relations 1542-1936. A Short Histpry. Akagi, Roy Hidemichi Tokyo 1937 23cm 560p. ¥4,000 Bd. 111 分類1 日本
162 72-1IMG_20171003_173449JPG.jpg 72-1IMG_20171003_173449.jpg 72-2IMG_20171003_173457.jpg Letters from the Asiatic Station, 1881-1883 Bunts, Frank Emory Cleveland 1938 22.5cm 219p. ¥3,000 Bd 72 分類1 アジア 手紙
163 81-1IMG_20171004_101348JPG.jpg 81-1IMG_20171004_101348.jpg 81-2IMG_20171004_101359.jpg Fifty Years of Light. Prepared by missionaries of the Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of the Methodist Eoiscopal Church. With many pictures. 米国人 蔡 富仁 Seoul 1938 (昭和13年) 22.7cm 120p. ¥12,000 Bd. 81 分類1 宣教
164 116-1IMG_20171004_104648JPG.jpg 116-1IMG_20171004_104648.jpg 116-2IMG_20171004_104659.jpg My Lantern Kawai, Michi (Keisen Jogaku-En) Tokyo 1939 22.5cm 230p. ¥4,000 with Case 和装函付 116 分類1 伝記 日本
165 149-1IMG_20171016_114456JPG.jpg 149-1IMG_20171016_114456.jpg 149-2IMG_20171016_114510.jpg The Wolf Cub’s Handbook. Special Canadian Edition. Bade-Powell, Lord and Gilwell London 1939 18cm 253p. ¥5,000 Paper 149 分類4 イギリス 文学
166 108-1IMG_20171004_104306JPG.jpg 108-1IMG_20171004_104306.jpg 108-2IMG_20171004_104316.jpg The Essentials of Japanese Constitutional Law. Fujii, Shinichi Tokyo 1940 25.5cm 463p. ¥5,000 Bd. 108 分類1 日本
167 96-1IMG_20171004_102547JPG.jpg 96-1IMG_20171004_102547.jpg 96-2IMG_20171004_102603.jpg The narrative of a Japanese; What he has seen and the people he has met in the course of the last forty years. Heco, Joseph (Edited by Murdock, James) San Francisco/Tokyo 1950 21cm 346+254p. ¥8,000 Bd. 日米出版協会発行 96 分類1 日本
168 117-1IMG_20171004_104731JPG.jpg 117-1IMG_20171004_104731.jpg 117-2IMG_20171004_104751.jpg Sliding Doors. Kawai, Michi (Keisen Jogaku-En) Tokyo 1950 22cm 201p. ¥3,000 with Case 和装函付 117 分類1 伝記 日本
169 114-1IMG_20171004_104540JPG.jpg 114-1IMG_20171004_104540.jpg 114-2IMG_20171004_104548.jpg A selected list of books and articles on Japan in English, French, and German. Borton, Hugh Cambridge, Mass. 1954 23cm 272p. ¥4,000 Bd. 114 分類1 日本
170 125-1IMG_20171004_105305JPG.jpg 125-1IMG_20171004_105305.jpg 125-2IMG_20171004_105319.jpg A selection of some 900 British and Irish mountain tops. With 2 supplements. 3 vols. With many panoramic pictures Docharty, William McKnight Edinburgh 1954-62 25.5cm 124+259p. ¥100,000 Bd. 125 分類4 イギリス アイルランド イラスト
171 113-1IMG_20171004_104502JPG.jpg 113-1IMG_20171004_104502.jpg 113-2IMG_20171004_104517.jpg Japan Bibliographic Annual 1956-57 Yabuki, Katsuji Tokyo 1956-57 21.5cm 318+177p. ¥5,000 Bd. 113 分類1 日本
172 205-1IMG_20171017_100437JPG.jpg 205-1IMG_20171017_100437.jpg 205-2IMG_20171017_100455.jpg The Treatment of the West in Textbooks of Japan. A Historial Survey. Japanese National Commission for UNESCO Tokyo 1958 26cm 58p. ¥5,000 Paper 205 分類1 日本
173 174-1IMG_20171017_093053JPG.jpg 174-1IMG_20171017_093053.jpg 174-2IMG_20171017_093107.jpg A History of the New York Stage. From the First Performance in 1732 to 1901. 3 vols. Brown, T. Allston NewYork 1964 23.5cm 523+652+671p ¥18,000 Bd. Stampあり 174 分類4 アメリカ 演劇
174 137-1IMG_20171004_110032JPG.jpg 137-1IMG_20171004_110032.jpg 137-2IMG_20171004_110044.jpg A[ Manual of the Writings in Middle English, 1050-1500 Seversm J. Burke (Ed.) New Heaven, (Conn.) 1967 23cm 338p. ¥2,500 Paper 137 分類4 手紙 文学
175 27-1IMG_20171003_143444JPG.jpg 27-1IMG_20171003_143444.jpg 27-2IMG_20171003_143450.jpg The Family Nurse: or Companion of the american frugal housewife. Reprint Child, Mrs. Boston 1997 21cm 156p. ¥1,200 P.Bd. 27 分類3 女性 家庭 看護 医
176 80-1IMG_20171004_101315JPG.jpg 80-1IMG_20171004_101315.jpg 80-2IMG_20171004_101327.jpg Inside Views of Mission Life. Missionary of the Presbuterian Church at Pyeng Yang, Korea. Reprint. Baird, Annie L.A. Provo 2013 23cm 138p. ¥3,500 Bd. 80 分類1 宣教
177 138-1IMG_20171004_110101JPG.jpg 138-1IMG_20171004_110101.jpg 138-2IMG_20171004_110123.jpg World Tours. An exciting ourdoor & indoor games for 5 to 500 players. xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx 138 分類2 旅 世界
178 187-1IMG_20171017_093926JPG.jpg 187-1IMG_20171017_093926.jpg 187-2IMG_20171017_093947.jpg The Nightside of Japan. Fujimoto, T. London 22.5cm 234p. ¥3,000 Bd. 187 分類1 日本
179 202-1IMG_20171017_100228JPG.jpg 202-1IMG_20171017_100228.jpg 202-2IMG_20171017_100301.jpg Bulletin du Comité de L’Asie Française 1901-1904 4 vols. Caix de Saint-Aymour, M. Robert de Paris 29cm 412+ ¥16,000 Bd. 202 分類1 アジア
180 241-1IMG_20171017_105047JPG.jpg 241-1IMG_20171017_105047.jpg 241-2IMG_20171017_105109.jpg The Year Book of Japanese Art National Committee of Japan on Intellectial co-opeartion 国際連盟協会 1927-28, 29/30, 30/31, 31/32年 全5冊 ¥35,000 (英文日本美術年鑑) 241 分類1 日本 美術
181 42-1IMG_20171003_144936JPG.jpg 42-1IMG_20171003_144936.jpg 42-2IMG_20171003_144949.jpg The Colonial Empire of Great Britain, The Australian Group. With colour maps Rowe, Rev.G. London 16.7cm 216p. ¥4,000 Bd 42 分類2 植民地 オーストラリア 地図
182 44-1IMG_20171003_145035JPG.jpg 44-1IMG_20171003_145035.jpg 44-2IMG_20171003_145043.jpg The Colonial Empire of Great Britain, The East Indian Group. With colour maps. Rowe, Rev.G. London 16.7cm 188p. ¥4,000 Bd 書き込みあり 44 分類2 植民地 インド 地図
183 58-1IMG_20171003_172350JPG.jpg 58-1IMG_20171003_172350.jpg 58-2IMG_20171003_172408.jpg Homely hints on Household Management. Balfour, Clara Lucas Mrd. London 18.5cm 91p. ¥1,500 Bd. 58 分類3 女性 家政
184 22-1IMG_20171003_152817JPG.jpg 22-1IMG_20171003_152817.jpg 22-2IMG_20171003_141906.jpg Pictures of Life and Character 5th Series. From collection of Mr. Punch. Leech, John London 31.5x45cm 94p. ¥16,000 Bd 要再製本 22 分類4 マンガ パンチ 美術
185 197-1IMG_20171017_094812JPG.jpg 197-1IMG_20171017_094812.jpg 197-2IMG_20171017_094827.jpg Cassell’s Dictionary of Practical Gardening. Vols.1-4 Special Edition. Wright, Walter P. London 27cm 240+480p. ¥16,000 Bd. 三方金製本 197 分類4 イギリス 庭園

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