125点 (1856-1978)  一括  ¥500,000 (税別)


集めたものであります。 地域的には広範囲にわたると思います。女子校もPublic Schoolも

含まれております。 125冊中80数冊に学校の徽章が刻印された製本が見受け


題名 著者名 発行年 発行地 頁数 サイズ 製本状態
1 The History and Register of Aldenham School.  Eighth edition Beevor, Edmund and Evans, R.J 1948 London 404p. 22cm Bd.
2 Fifty years of the Alice Ottley School Browne, E.O. (Ed.) 1933 Worcester 160p. 19cm Bd.
3 A History of the Free School of Andover latterly called the Andover Gramer School Bennett, Arthur C. and Parsons, Edmund. Andover 240p. 22cm Bd.
4 History of Great Ayton School 1891 Middlesbrough 141+34p. 19.3cm Bd.
5 Irregulary Bold. A Study of Bedales School Henderson, James L. 1978 London 154p. 22.3cm Bd.
6 The Book of the Blackheath Higj School Malim, Mary Carlotte and Escreet, Henrietta Caroline 1927 London 301p. 21.5cm Bd.
7 Blundell’s. A Short History of a Famous West Country School. Snell, F.J. London 286p. 23.5cm Bd.
8 The Book of Bosworth School, 1320-1950 Hopewell, S. 1950 Leicester 143p. 19cm Bd.
9 A History of Bradfield College. By old Bradfield Boys Leach, Arthur F. 1900 London 253p. 22cm Bd.
10 The History of Bristol Grammer School, Hill, C.P. 1951 London 256p. 22.2cm Bd.

題名 著者名 発行年 発行地 頁数 サイズ 製本状態
40 History and Register of Gresham’s School.1555-1955 Linnell, C.L.S (Rev.) 1955 Ipswich 358p. 22cm Bd.
41 Haileybury, 1908-1961 Ashcroft,R.L. 1961 London 219p. 22cm Bd.
42 Miss Gilpin and the Hall School. Gilpin (Miss) 1949 London 150p. 19cm Bd.
43 the History of Hampton School from 1556 to 1700 Garside, Barnard 1950 London 282p. 22.8cm Bd.
44 The Harpur Trust, 1552-1973 Godber, Joyce 1973 Bedford 191p. 25.5cm Bd.
45 Golden Jubilee Book. 1911-1961 (Harrow Country Schook for boys) Yelland, G.R. (Ed.) 1961 124p. 22cm Bd.
46 Harrow School Howson, Edmund W. and Warner, George Townsend 1898 London 291p. 26cm Bd.
47 The Story of Highgate School. Evos,C.A. 1938 London 60p. 20cm Bd.
48 History of Hitchin Grammer School Hine, Reginald L. 1931 Paternster & Hales Hichin 68p. 25.5cm Bd.
49 The Hornsey County School. A Review of its first twenty-five years of educational work, 1904-1929 Burke, Emily  M. 1930 London 99p. 19cm Bd.
50 Kelvinside Adademy, 1878-1928. Some Memories of the First Fifty Years. Low, D.M. 1928 Glasgow 62p. 21.5cm Bd.


題名 著者名 発行年 発行地 頁数 サイズ 製本状態
80 The Century Hisory of Rossall School Furness, W. (Ed.) 1945 Aldershot 386p. 22cm Bd.
81 The Rpyal Grammer School Lancaster. A Hostory. Murray, Athol Laverick Cambridge 258p. 23cm Bd.
82 The Story of the Royal Grammer School Newcast;e upon Tyne, 1545 1936 Newcastle upon Tyne 51p. 19.2cm Bd.
83 A History of the Royal School for Daighters of Officers of the Army, 1864-1965 Osborne, Honor and Manisty, Peggy 1966 London 192p. 22cm Bd.
84 A History of the Royal Wolverhampton School, 1850-1920 Stewward, F.L. 1950 Wolverhampton 182p. 25cm Bd.
85 Rugby since Arnold. A History of Rugby School from 1842 Simpson, J.B.Hope 1967 London 316p. 22cm Bd.
86 Rydal School, 1885-1935 The Rydal Press 1935 Colwyn Bay 240p. 22cm Bd.
87 Notes on Albans Schol. Reprinted with Amendment 1940 St. Albans, Hertfordshire 36p. 18.5cm Bd.
88 A History of St. Dunstan’s College Morris, L.F. 1970 London 224p. 22cm Bd.
89 A History of St. Edward’s School, 1863-1963 Hill, R.D. 1962 Oxford 408p. 22cm Bd.
90 I was there. St. James’sm  West Malvern Baird, Alice 1956 Worcester 658p. 23cm Bd.





  • 『英国中等学校史コレクション』
  • 125 items (1856-1978)
  • 500,000円(税別)


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