Alwyn Hughes’s Private Collection :
400 Books on Rugby Football

¥2,800,000 (税別)

He died two years ago and this is his personal collection. Undermentioned INTERNATIONAL RUGBY PLAYERS (112 SIGNED COPIES). Most of these players will be instantly recognisable to who anyone who knows about Rugby Football by Wikipedia on net


Although forms of football when the ball was carried and tossed date to mediaeval times, modern Rugby Football derives its origin from 1823, the year when William Webb Ellis, a boy at England’s Rugby School, picked up the ball and ran with it during a school football match thus creating the ‘Rugby’ style of play. A plaque erected at Rugby School in 1895 bears the inscription ‘This stone commemorates the exploit of William Webb Ellis who with a fine disregard for the rules of football as played in his time first took the ball in his arms and ran with it thus originating the distinctive feature of the Rugby game A.D. 1823’. The first written code of rules was adopted at Rugby School in 1845, and the oval shape of the Rugby ball was first introduced in 1870 by Richard Lindon who made balls for Rugby School.

In 1863 The Football Association was formed formalising the difference between Association Football, now known as Soccer, and Rugby Football, formerly known as Rugger. Of the various forms of Rugby played during the nineteenth century, Rugby Football was established as a separate sport in 1895. Rugby Football has developed into one the most popular global sports with more than six million players worldwide and a World Cup being contested every four years between top international teams, organised by its controlling body World Rugby.

Rugby Football was quickly absorbed by countries within the British Empire, the first being Australia, followed by New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and even India.  Initially the rules varied slightly in different countries. The game later became a national sport in countries as distant as Fiji, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Tonga. Although Rugby Football is now played in more than a hundred countries worldwide, it is dominated by just nine countries, Argentina, Australia, England, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and Wales. For cultural and financial reasons, Rugby Football has been regarded as an elitist sport but this is now less so than formerly.

Competitive sport has always brought about fanaticism. Sometime during the 1980s Alwyn Hughes, a Welsh Rugby Football fanatic, conceived the idea of forming a comprehensive and balanced collection of books on every aspect of Rugby Football. The ability to do this was greatly enhance by his appointment in 1992 as Treasurer of Bangor Rugby Club, founded in 1876, a position he held for twenty-five years until his death in 2017. As a Rugby fanatic holding an official position in an old-established Rugby Club in one of the world’s leading Rugby countries, this gave Alwyn Hughes access to matches, players, and other Rugby clubs and enabled him systematically to set about creating during thirty years one of the finest collection of books about Rugby Football that has ever been formed.

Everyone in the Rugby Football world knew about Alwyn Hughes’s collection. One of Hughes’s obsessions in forming his collection was to obtain signed copies from international players, as well as signed copies from writers, broadcasters, referees, coaches and administrators. Although many of these signed copies were presented to him, many of the other signatures were obtained by Hughes targeting players at international matches. Around a third of the books are inscribed by significant people in the Rugby Football world. To name some of these, there are two signed copies by Sir Bill Beaumont, a former Captain of the England team and now Chairman of World Rugby since 2016, three signed copies by Sir Gareth Edwards, the greatest ever Rugby Football player, together with Barry John, John Gwilliam, Bill McClaren, Sir Clive Woodward, Jonny Wilkinson, Sir Colin Meads and Don Clarke.

In any collection devoted to an international sport special attention must be given to its acknowledged leaders. Alwyn Hughes was in no doubt that New Zealand was the world’s foremost Rugby country and there are more than thirty titles about the All Blacks included in the collection. Also included are numerous titles about South Africa, the Springboks and their overseas tours, Australia and the Wallabies, and individual Rugby Club histories of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales which are part of their national identities. In addition, there are included general surveys about coaching, referees and Rugby grounds and French Rugby titles in both English and French.

In September this year the ninth Rugby Football World Cup will be held in Japan and the Webb Ellis Cup, named after the Rugby schoolboy who is credited with the creation of Rugby Football in 1823, will be presented to the winner by Sir Bill Beaumont, Chairman of World Rugby. The Rugby World Cup is one of the great triumphs of globalisation and will attract worldwide attention. It will be the first Rugby World Cup to be held in Asia although Hong Kong and Singapore have previously expressed interest in holding the event. So far only four countries have won the trophy; New Zealand three times, Australia and South Africa twice, and England once. It is most fortunate that Alwyn Hughes’s unique Rugby Football collection should become available at this particular time, as it is the dedication to both events and players with so many signed copies by famous celebrities that gives Alwyn Hughes’s collection the special value to anyone interested for whatever reason in Rugby Football.


ALLEN, Bull                             ANDREW, Rob                                      BLACKADDER, Tod
BARNES, Stuart                     Sir BEAUMONT, Bill (2 examples)    BLAKEWAY, Phil
BRACKEN, Kyran                 BROWN, Gordon (2 examples)           BENNETT, Phil
CAMPESE, David (2 examples)      CATT, Mike                  CLARKE, Don COTTON, Fran
CULLEN, Christian              DAVIES, Gerald                                     DAVIES, Jonathan
DAVIES, Mervyn                  DAWSON, Matt                                      DEANS, Colin
DOOLEY, Wade                   DUCKHAM, David                                 DU PLESSIS, Morne
EALES, John                      Sir EDWARDS, Gareth(3 examples)      EVANS, Ieuan
FITZPATRICK,                  Sean FOLEY, Alex                                     FOX, Grant
GALLAGHER, John        GALWAY, Mick                                          GLANVILLE, Phil de
GREENWOOD, Will       GREGAN, George                                      GUSCOTT, Jerry
GWILLIAM, John             HADEN, Andy                                         HARE, Dusty
HARRIS, Iestyn                HASTINGS, Gavin                                  HASTINGS, Scott
HEALEY, Austin               HIGNELL, Alistair                                 HILL, Richard
HOLMES, Terry               HORAN, Marcus                                    HART, John
IRVINE, Andy                  JENKINS, Neil                                JOHN, Barry(2 examples)
JOHNSON, Martin         JONES, Ian                                             JONES, Michael
KEANE, Moss                 KIRWAN, John                                       KIRKPATRICK, Ian
KRONFIELD, Josh         LAIDLAW, Roy                                      LENIHAN, Donal
LEWSEY, Josh                LOGAN, Kenny                                      LYNAGH, Michael
LOVERIDGE, David     McLAUCHLAN, Ian (2 examples)       MARSHALL, Justin
MOODY, Lewis (2 examples)    MOON, Rupert                         MORGAN, Cliff
MULLER, Hennie         MEADS, Colin                                  O’CALLAGHAN, Donncha
O’CONNELL, Paul       O’GARA, Ronan                                     OWEN, Michael
PAYNE, Shaun             PIENAAR, Francois                               PRICE, Graham
PROBYN, Jeff                ROGERS, Budge                                   RICHARDS, Dean
RENWICK, Jim             RING, Mark                                          ROBERTSON, Ian
RIPLEY, Andy               ROBINSON, Jason                              RUTHERFORD, John
SMITH, Steve                SOLE, David                                         STRINGER, Peter
TAIT, Alan                     TELFER, Jim                                        THORBURN, Paul
TOWNSEND, Gregor   TUIGAMALA, Inga                            THOMAS, Gareth
UNDERWOOD, Rory   UTTLEY, Roger                         WHEELER, Peter (2 examples)
WALLACE, David         WHETTON, Gary                              WILSON, Jeff
WILLIAMS, Bryan        WOODWARD, Clive                        WYLLIE, Alex

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1 Allan, Walter. THE OFFICIAL HISTORY OF THE MELROSE SEVENS. Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing, 1994. First Edition. Large 8vo. 185pp. Illustrations. Gilt lettered boards. Dust-jacket.

2 Andrew, Rob. A GAME AND A HALF. An Autobiography. London, Hodder & Stoughton, 1994.
First Edition. 186pp. Illustrations. Gilt lettered green boards. Dust-jacket.  With a brief handwritten letter to Mr [Alwyn] Hughes from Rob Andrew.Christopher Robert ‘Rob’ Andrew, nicknamed ‘Squeaky’, is a former English Rugby Union player and was, until April 2016, Professional Rugby Director at the RFU.

3 Atchison, George. AVONVALE R.F.C. CENTENARY 1883-1983. 100 Years of Village Rugby. Bath, Graphics, 1983. First Edition. 141pp. Illustrations. Gilt lettered navy cloth. Dust-jacket.

4 Aylwin, Michael with Singer, Matt. THE RED AND THE BLACK. Glory and Uncertainty at Saracens Ltd. Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing, 1999. First Edition. 223pp. Coloured illustrations. Silver lettered black boards. Dust-jacket. The impact of the new professional era on the Saracens following the 1996 announcement.

5 Back, Neil. SIZE DOESN’T MATTER. My Rugby Life. Lancashire, Milo Books, 2000.
First Edition. xii + 276pp. Coloured illustrations. Gilt lettered black boards. Dust-jacket.
Neil Antony Back is a former international rugby union footballer. He played for England and the British and Irish Lions and also for Nottingham RFC, Leicester Tigers, and captained both England and Leicester during his career.

6 Barnes, David with Renwick, Jim. CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE. The Jim Renwick Story. Edinburgh, Birlinn, 2006. First Edition. x + 238pp. Illustrations. Gilt lettered blue boards. Dust-jacket. Inscribed ‘Jim Renwick’ and ‘David Barnes’ to title page.Jim Renwick is a retired Scotland rugby player, usually at centre. He played for Hawick Harlequins RFC and the full Hawick RFC team, Scotland and the British Lions, 1972–84. He earned 52 caps for his country.

7 Barnes, Stuart. SMELLING OF ROSES. A Rugby Life. Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing, 1994. First Edition. 206pp. Coloured illustrations. Gilt lettered blue boards. Dust-jacket.
Inscribed ‘Alwyn best wishes Stuart Barnes’ and with a short handwritten letter from Barnes apologising for the delay in sending the book to Mr [Alwyn] Hughes.Stuart Barnes is a former English rugby union footballer, and now rugby commentator for Sky Sports. He played fly-half for Newport RFC, Bristol and Bath, as well as representing England at international level.

8 Barnes, Stuart and Seabrook, Mike (Editors). NICE TRIES. A Collection of New Rugby Writing. London, Victor Gollancz, 1995. First Edition. 187pp. Illustrations. Gilt lettered green boards. Dust-jacket.

9 Bateman, Allan with Rees, Paul. ALLAN BATEMAN. There and Back Again. Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing, 2001. First Edition. 191pp. Coloured illustrations. White lettered green boards. Dust-jacket. Allan Glen ‘Batman’/’The Clamp’ Bateman is a Welsh former rugby union and rugby league footballer of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. He is a dual-code rugby international centre who represented the British Lions at rugby union, and Great Britain at rugby league.

10 Beaumont, Bill. THANKS TO RUGBY. London, Stanley Paul, 1982. First Edition. 208pp. Illustrations. Silver lettered black boards. Dust-jacket. Inscribed ‘To Alwyn Best wishes Bill Beaumont.’ Sir William Blackledge Beaumont is a former rugby union player who was captain of the England rugby union team, earning 34 caps. His greatest moment as captain was the unexpected 1980 Grand Slam.

11 Beaumont, Bill with Green, Geoff. BILL BEAUMONT. The Autobiography. London, CollinsWillow, 2003. First Edition. xxi + 346pp. Illustrations, mainly coloured. Gilt lettered black boards. Dust-jacket. Inscribed ‘Bill Beaumont’ to title page.

12 Beken, Paul and Jones, Stephen. DRAGON IN EXILE. The Centenary History of London Welsh R.F.C. London, Springwood Books, 1985. First Edition. xv + 318pp. Illustrations, some coloured. Gilt lettered red boards. Dust-jacket. The authors are members of the London Welsh.

13 Bennett, Phil with Williams, Martyn. EVERYWHERE FOR WALES. London, Stanley Paul, 1981. 176pp. Many illustrations. Silver lettered red boards. Dust-jacket. Phillip Bennett is a former Welsh international rugby union fly-half from 1969 to 1978. His flair and range of tricks, including his famous sidestep and swerve, meant he was a firm favourite with crowds.

14 Bentley, John with Squires, Neil. JOHN BENTLEY My Story. London, André Deutsch, 1999.
First Edition. xii + 242pp. Coloured illustrations. White lettered black boards. Dust-jacket.
John Bentley, English former dual-code international rugby union and rugby league footballer, played in the 1980s and 1990s. He won four caps for England and toured with the British and Irish Lions in 1997, winning two test caps.

15 Bevan, Derek. THE MAN IN THE MIDDLE. Bridgend, Seren, 2001. First Edition. 160pp. Illustrations. Silver lettered black boards. Dust-jacket. Inscribed ‘Best wishes Derek Bevan’ to front free endpaper.William Derek Bevan is a well-known Welsh international rugby union referee.

16 Billot, John. HISTORY OF WELSH INTERNATIONAL RUGBY. Ferndale, Glamorgan, Ron Jones, 1971. Revised Edition. x + 292pp. Illustrations. Gilt lettered red boards. Dust-jacket.

17 Billot, John. SPRINGBOKS IN WALES. Ferndale, Glamorgan, Ron Jones 1974. First Edition. 311pp. Illustrations. Yellow lettered green cloth. Dust-jacket. No man could possibly have written more words on Welsh rugby than John Billot, the former sports editor of the Western Mail newspaper in Cardiff.

18 Bills, Peter. JEAN-PIERRE RIVES. A Modern Corinthian. Translations by Averil Craven. London, Allen & Unwin, 1986. First Edition. xii + 202pp. Illustrations. Gilt lettered black boards. Dust-jacket. Jean-Pierre Rives is a French former rugby union player and visual artist. ‘A cult figure in France’, according to the BBC, he came to epitomise the team’s spirit and ‘ultra-committed, guts-and-glory style of play’. He won 59 caps for France – 34 of them as captain – and was inducted into the International Rugby Hall of Fame.

19 Bills, Peter. PASSION IN EXILE. 100 Years of London Irish RFC. Edinburgh, Mainstream Publishing, 1998. First Edition. Royal 8vo. 207pp. Gilt lettered green boards. Dust-jacket.

20 Blair, Michael. LIFE AT ONE HUNDRED MILES AN HOUR. A Biography of P.G.D. Robbins. Ludlow, G & A Publishing Ltd., c.[1988]. First Edition. 128pp. Illustrations, some coloured. Gilt lettered grey cloth. Dust-jacket. Peter George Derek Robbins (1933–1987), also known as P.G.D. Robbins, was an international rugby union player who earned 19 caps playing for England.

21 Blakeway, Phil with Ducker, Chris. RUBBING SHOULDERS The Story of a Rugby Prop. London, Stanley Paul, 1985. First Edition. 147pp. Illustrations. Gilt lettered red boards. Dust-jacket. Inscribed ‘To Alywn [sic] best wishes Phil Blakeway.’Philip John Blakeway is a former England international rugby union player. He toured South Africa in 1980 with the British and Irish Lions and at the time played club rugby for Gloucester Rugby.

22 Blanco, Serge avec Cormier, Jean. SERGE BLANCO. Mon tour du Rugby en 93 matches. Paris, Solar, 1992. First Edition. 4to. 112pp. Coloured illustrations. Laminated boards.
Serge Blanco, former rugby union footballer, played fullback for Biarritz Olympique and the French national side, gaining 93 caps, 81 of them at fullback.

23 Blucher, Michael. PERFECT UNION. London, Macmillan, 1995. First Edition. 300pp. Illustrations, many coloured. White lettered green cloth. Dust-jacket. The parallel lives of Wallaby centres Tim Horan and Jason Little.

24 Bogle, Kenneth R. WALTER SUTHERLAND. Scottish Rugby Legend 1890-1918. Stroud, Tempus, 2005. First Edition. 184pp. + [viii]. Illustrations. Wrappers. Walter Riddell Sutherland (1890–1918), also known as Wattie Suddie, from Hawick was a Scottish rugby union footballer who gained 13 caps playing for the Scotland national rugby union team between 1910 and 1914 and was regarded as the best Scottish wing threequarter of his day.

25 Bohl, D.P. SEFTON RUGBY UNION FOOTBALL CLUB. Alias the Aliens. London,Serendipity, 2003. First Edition. xi + 226pp. Illustrations. Printed wrappers.

26 Booley, Abdurahman (Manie). FORGOTTEN HEROES A History of Black Rugby 1882-1992. Cape Town, Manie Booley, 1998. First Edition. 4to. 328pp. Illustrations, many coloured. Laminated boards.

27 Bowker, Barry. ENGLAND RUGBY. A History of the National Side, 1871-1976. With a Foreword by M.R. Steele-Bodger. London, Cassell, 1976. First Edition. xiv + 199pp. Illustrations. Gilt lettered boards. Dust-jacket. Inscription.

28 Bracken, Kyran with Griffiths, Edward. BEHIND THE SCRUM. The Autobiography. London, Orion, 2004. First Edition. vii + 278pp. Illustrations mainly coloured. Gilt lettered black boards. Dust-jacket. Inscribed ‘Kyran Bracken’ to title page.Kyran Paul Patrick Bracken, world-cup winning former rugby union footballer, played at scrum-half for Saracens, Bristol and Waterloo. He won a total of 51 England caps and captained the team on three occasions, retiring from international rugby in 2004.

29 Bradley, John (Editor). HARTLEPOOL RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB 1893 TO 1993. One Hundred Years of a Rugby Club (and a bit of Monkey Business to Boot). London, No publisher, c.[1993]. First Edition. Small 4to. 159pp. Illustrations. Printed wrappers.

30 Bray, Gordon. THE SPIRIT OF RUGBY. A Tribute to Australian Rugby Union. London, HarperSports, 1995. First Edition. Royal 8vo. [viii] + 198pp. Illustrations, many coloured. White lettered blue boards. Dust-jacket.

31 Brewer, Mike and Gifford, Phil. MIKE BREWER. The Authorised Biography. Auckland, Rugby Publishing Ltd., 1995. First Edition. 208pp. Illustrations, some coloured. White lettered purple boards. Dust-jacket. Michael Robert Brewer is a former New Zealand rugby union footballer. He played rugby union as flanker or number eight and represented the All Blacks on 32 occasions scoring one try and winning 22 and drawing one of those games.

32 Brooke, Zinzan with Veysey, Alex. ZINNY. The Zinzan Brooke Story. Auckland, Rugby Publishing Ltd., 1995. First Edition. 232pp. Illustrations, many coloured. White lettered black boards. Dust-jacket. Zinzan Valentine Brooke (born Murray Zinzan Brooke on 14 February 1965; his name was changed by deed poll) is a former New Zealand rugby union footballer who played at number eight. He is regarded as one of the best rugby players of all time.

33 Brown, Gordon. BROON FROM TROON An Autobiography. Introduction by Bill Beaumont. London, Stanley Paul, 1983.First Edition. 220pp. Illustrations. Silver letter navy boards. Dust-jacket. Inscribed ‘Best wishes Gordon Brown’ to title page.And ‘To Alwyn my very kindest regards. You must be the most patient Welshman I’ve ever known! I do hope you find the book worth waiting for – I certainly enjoyed writing it. Cheers Gordon 31/10/84.’ With a ticket loosely inserted for the Saturday 18th Januiary 1997 Scotland versus Wales match at Murrayfield signed ‘Gordon Brown.’Gordon Lamont Brown (1947-2001) was a Scottish international rugby union footballer.

34 Bryden, Colin and Colley, Mark (Editors). SPRINGBOKS UNDER SIEGE The New Zealand tour / Pioneering in America / Irish in South Africa / Beaumont’s Lions. An Illustrated Record of Springbok Rugby in 1980 and 1981. Foreword by Wynand Claassen. Johannesburg, Now Publications, 1981. First Edition. 4to. Illustrations, several coloured. Illustrations. Boards.

35 Burke, Matthew with Heads, Ian. A RUGBY LIFE. Sydney, Macmillan, 2005.
First Edition. xx + 387pp. Illustrations, mainly coloured. White lettered black boards. Dust-jacket. Matthew Coleman Burke is an Australian former international rugby union player and sport presenter on Sydney’s 10 News First. He was considered to be the best rugby fullback in the world by some commentators during an era of Australian success in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

36 Burton, Mike with Jones, Steve. NEVER STAY DOWN. An Autobiography. London, Queen Anne Press, Macdonald and Co. 1982. First Edition. 186pp. Illustrations. Silver lettered blue boards. Dust-jacket. Michael Alan ‘Mike’ Burton is a former English rugby union footballer. He won a reputation as an uncompromising prop forward for Gloucester, England and the British and Irish Lions.




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