視覚障害に関する仏語による稀覯書 ①

Written by one of Louis Braille’s professors
(点字発明家 L.ブラーユの先生達によって書かれた本です)

GUILLIE, Sebastien.  Essai sur l’instruction des Aveugles, ou exposé analytique des procédés employés pour les instruire.  Paris, Imprimé par les Aveugles, 1817.  8vo (206 x 125 mm), 224 pp. (including the engraved frontispiece), 21 engraved plates; contemporary sheep-backed boards
First edition. ¥245,000円(送料・税別)  [Subject to prior sale:売り切れの節はご容赦下さい]
“Guillé established the first ophthalmological clinic in France and became director of the Institution Royale des Jeunes Aveugles in Paris … The author chronicles the philanthropic deeds directed toward the blind up to that time and describes the first attempts at special graphic methods for the use of the blind” (Becker).

When the 10 year old Louis Braille was received at the Institut des jeunes Aveugles in 1819 Sébastien Guillié (1780-1865) had been its director since 1815. Guillié, himself a medical doctor and writer from Bordeaux, was also a gifted musician. In his capacity he encouraged musical education at his institution and brought the students to high level. The book is illustrated with 21 plates depicting various crafts that the blind could exercise including some related to printing. It is only after Guillié replacement by Pignier as a director of the Institut that Braille’s ingenious invention took roots. The ex-military Nicolas-Charles-Marie Barbier de la Serre (1767-1841) presented his invention, called ‘lecture nocture’, a tactile reading which he had intended to be used in the field at night. Braille developed the system of raised code and created what is now known as Braille code.

Very good copy.
Wellcome, p.180; Waller, 3858; Becker coll., 169.


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