Theo van Doesburg Arcive  【ドゥースブルグ・アーカイブ】 印刷

Teo van Doesburg Archive
An indispensable source on microfiche for anuone working
on the visual arts and architecture of the period 1914 to 1931

Netherlands Office for Fine Arts, The Hague 所蔵
Van Moorsel 寄贈コレクション】



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Content of the archive
Doesburg01 Theo van Doesburg's diaries, Correspondence
With individual persons, institutions, and editors of journals.
Van Doesburg the speaker
Lectures and correspondence pertaining to lectures given by Theo van Doesburg.
Van Doesburg the publicist
Manuscripts, typescripts, proofs and published versions of articles on art and architecture and of literary works.
Van Doesburg as the editor of/contributor to various journals 『De Stijl』, 『Het Getij』 and as a member of various artists' societies
Van Doesburg and 『De Stijl』 as the subject of publications and tributes
Manuscripts, typescripts, articles.
Exhibitions, Press-cutting albums, Special themes / projects, Manuscripts by others
Miscellaneous personal documents pertaining to both Theo and Nelly van Doesburg, AND exclusively to Nelly van Doesburg
Birth and baptism; Military service; Marriage and divorce; Death; Curricula vitae and oeuvre catalogue; Varia; Management of the archive, library and art collection; Translation project; Miscellaneous subjects.
Photographs of Theo and Nelly van Doesburg, friends, and fellow-artists.
Photographs and other illustrations of work by Van Doesburg.
fllustrations of work by fellow-artists.
Designs by Theo van Doesburg for presentations arranged by himself, Other photographs.
Filed archives, Documentation
Architecture; Fine art; Dada; Decorative art; Literature; Music; The Russian revolution; Miscellaneous themes.

Photo Portrait of Theo van Doesburg by Lucia Moholy Nagy, (1922?)


オランダの画家・建築家・詩人・美術評論家でアヴァンギャルドの先駆者として著名な Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931) の2,379点に及ぶアーカイヴのマイクロ版。 多くの美術家や雑誌編集者との書簡、原稿類、彼が編集した『De Stijl』誌、『Mecano』誌に関する文書、彼の著作や展覧会に使用した写真についての書類、スクラップ・ブック・日記・個人的な書類の全てを収録してます。

Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931) was a painter, architect, art theoretician and art critic, typographer, writer, and poet. In 1917 he founded the magazine De Stijl (The Style), and was its only editor until his death. More than any other Dutch artist, Van Doesburg took an active part in the varied activities and manifestations of the international avant-garde of his time, on one hand as a producer of works of art, on the other as an untiring propagandist of the new. In this last role he kept up a voluminous correspondence with a great many artists throughout Europe, from Sweden to Italy and from England to Russia, but also from America and Japan. He contributed to international magazines, gave lectures, took part in Dada performances and exhibitions.
In contrast to his friend Piet Mondriaan, who destroyed all the letters he received, Van Doesburg worked from the beginning with the creation of his archive in mind. This archive reflects the richness of contacts of someone who was working at the midpoint of the many artistic renewals which took place in the period from 1914 to 1931: the final phase of cubism, futurism, De Stijl or neoplasticism, Dadaism, and the up-and-coming surrealism, constructivism and all other contemporary forms of abstract art as well as new developments in the field of architecture.
Although the archive has suffered from Van Doesburg's frequent house moves, it has had a permanent home since 1930 in the care of the artist's widow Nelly (1899-1975) in the house Van Doesburg designed himself at Meudon near Paris. After Nelly van Doesburg's death, the archive was presented to the Dutch State by her niece, Wies van Moorsel, and placed under the curatorship of the Rijksdienst Beeldende Kunst (Netherlands Office for Fine Arts) in The Hague.
The archive is very extensive, but contains the following main items: correspondence with artists and magazine editors (such as Archipenko, Arp, Van Eesteren, Gropius, Huszar, Van der Leck, Lissitzky, Mondriaan, Oud, Rietveld, Schwitters, Tzara and many, many others); Van Doesburg's published work and many manuscripts, including unpublished manuscripts; the archives of the magazines De Stijl and Mecano; documentation about and photos of Van Doesburg's work and the exhibitions he took part in; scrap books, notebooks, diaries and personal papers.
In addition, the archive contains some important 'recovered' correspondence from Van Doesburg himself: letters to his friends Kok, Oud and Rinsema. The Van Doesburg archive is an indispensable source for anyone working on the visual arts and architecture of the period 1914 to 1931.
(By Evert van Straaten)
Photo of Theo and Nelly van Doesburg with a.o. Werner Gruff, Raoul Hausmann,
Hans Richter and El Lissitzky. (Archive inventory chapter 13B)


Theo van Doesburg's manuscript Werdegang der neue Malerei. (Archive inventory no. 396) Model of the "Maison d'Artiste", 1923
(Arcive inventory no. 1286)
Doesburg02 Doesburg04


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