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APABI_LOGO Beijing Founder Apabi is China’s leader in digital publishing technology. To libraries worldwide, Apabi is best known as the premier source of e-Books from China and is presenting a growing array of innovative products for libraries.


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Apabi Chinese Fine Arts Database

Apabi's Chinese Fine Arts databases bring vibrant archives of classical Chinese content to your library.

Produced in conjunction with the leading museums of China, these databases include over 35,000 artworks and 18,000 examples of calligraphy, with new works added constantly. All images arebrilliantly reproduced in full color, and feature dynamic zooming and complete descriptive texts. Simple navigation allows users to search among various genres of painting, sculpture, architecture, and period.
Database Specifications
Format :   Online  Various browsing methods according to art form or chronological order Each method offers easy-to-use picture zoom, and features such as roaming Powerful search options: name, year, location, current collection locale etc.
Updates : Continuous

Coverage : Artwork: 26 sub-sets, 35,000 works (and growing) Calligraphic works: 8 sub-sets,  18,000 pieces (and growing) High definition images: 300dpi, with single side of more than 2000 pixels Complete collections: content includes painting, calligraphy, sculpture, crafts, graphic design, covering all art forms Chronological classifications allow users to work with the database to gain a clear picture of the historical development of Chinese art

第一類 花鳥画・人物画・山水画 
第二類 殿堂画・墓室画・扇面画・版画・石窟寺壁画・岩画・油画・宗教画
第三類 青銅器・陶器・玉器
第四類 ガラス器・琺瑯器・織物・彫刻・家具類・建築・金銀類・漆器類
第五類 凹彫類(Intaglio)・墓葬埋葬品・石窟寺彫刻類・宗教彫刻類
第一類~第五類 一括
書道類 一括

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Apabi eBooks

In conjunction with nearly 500 publishing houses, the Apabi eBooks database is a constantly growing library of nearly half a million full-image full-text e-book titles. Though emphasis is on recently published works, holdings begin from 1949. Apabi eBooks is a fully robust eBook platform that puts your library in control of usage policies. Titles can be browsed online by an unlimited number of simultaneous users, or checked out for download and offline use, and your eBooks library is customizable for your institution. Apabi eBooks are available individually or in sets, for purchase or by subscription. Take only the titles you need, and enjoy cross-searchability on a stable, best-in-class eBook platform.

Database Specifications
Format :
Online. Conforms to DEB[open eBook] standards   
Updates : Continuous
Coverage : More than 500,000 new books published after 2004 account for 70%
Circa 100,000 new titles available annually
All content areas covered 全22分類(1949年より)

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Full-image/Full-text Newspaper

Apabi's new full-image/full-text newspaper databases are an unparalleled resource, covering more than 80% of newspapers published in China. Full content, including color images, and fully current.
The new "Apabi Newspapers" database is the fruit of an unprecedented mass collaboration between technology leader Beijing Founder Apabi and literally hundreds of major Chinese newspaper publishers. The database contains the complete content of Chinese newspapers, on a cross-searchable and best-in-class platform.

Database Specifications
Format :
Updates : Continuous Daily
Coverage : Covers more than 80% of China's newspaper sources 371 newspapers (as of April 2009)
Covering government,industry-specific,regional,national,and other publications.


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