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Young Rembrandt
The Leiden Years 1606-1632
By Roelof van Straten

Foleor Publishers

Rembrandt 2006

Vol. 1: Essay
Vol. 2: New Rembrandt Documents
    By Michiel Roscam Abbing

Young Rembrandt. The Leiden Years 1606-1632.
Leiden, 2005. 369 pages, more than 470 reprodutions. 28x23cm.               ¥15,000 【税別】

これまでに発見された初期の文書資料は、すべて収録され、更にハーグ裁判所で発見された文書など、余り知られる事のなかった資料も多数収められています。初期のレンブラントと彼にまつわる画家たちに関することのすべてが、詳細に、また明快に記述されています。図版も豊富に取り入れられ、その多くはカラーで収録されています。その他、歴史的な背景に関する論文が8点収められています。内2点は、元De Lalenhal美術館〈Leiden〉のキュレーターIngrid W. Moerman女史によるものです。

Rembrandt 2006 : New Essays and New Rembrandt Documents.

Vol.1: Essays.  Edited by Michiel Roscam Abbing.
Leiden, 2006. 300 pages, 160 black and white illustrations,bibliography and index.  
Cloth bound. ISBN 90 75035 23 3

「夜警」や「ユリウス・キヴィリスの陰謀」といった主要な作品についての新しい考察を盛り込んだもの、またレンブラントの眼識、批評精神といったものについてなど、様々な内容を含む19点の論文集。執筆者はB. Bakker, B.Binstock, B. Broos, H. Colenbrander, P. van der Coelen, S. Dickey, A. Golhany, F. Gottwald,D. Hirschfelder, H. Horn, F. Meijer, G. Panhuysen, M.S. Abbing,C. Scallen, R. van Straten, P. Tuyman, A. Vos, D.A. de Witt.

Vol.2: New Rembrandt Documents. By Michiel Roscam Abbing.
Leiden, 2006. 170 pages, 15 black and white illustrations,and index.
Cloth bound. ISBN 90 75035 24 1            2 vols. Set. ¥46,200 【税込】〈分売不可〉

Straus/Van der Meulenによる The Rembrandt Documentsが刊行された1979年以降、約20年間に新たに発見された87点もの文書資料集です。すべての文書資料が完全に収録され、又広範囲に亘り注釈が加えられています。更に、B.Bakker, R. van der Spiegel, P.Tuymann等による文書に関する重要な論文が付録されています。   
Rembrandt10 見本は店頭にございます。

Young Rembrandt. The Lieden Years will be the standard work on Rembrandt's early period. With more than 470 reproductions, many of them in color, it offers a wealth of visual materials. This book is a must for every serious art library !

In 2006 the world will celebrate the 400th anniversary of the birth of Rembrandt van Rijn - the remarkable painter from Leiden. In honor of this occasion the well-known Dutch art historian and Rembrandt expert Roelof van Straten has written a new book on the master's early period:
Rembrandt15 This exhaustive study explores everything known about Rembrandt's early period: the paintings, drawings and prints by the master himself, as well as works by the young masters from his cirde (Jan Lievens, Gerrit Dou, etc). Furthermore, this new study catalogs and describes all known historical documents and provides numerous details not well known, such as the contacts Rembrandt had with the Court in The Hague.

Everything about early Rembrandt and his circle now, for the first time, in one exhaustive and lucidly written story! Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of reproductions, many of them in color.
Rembrandt18 Beside the main text there are eight historical context papers. With these essays, Rembrandt's Leiden period is placed in a comprehensive historical and cultural-historical context, Two of these articles were written by Ingrid WI. Moerman, former Curator of Municipal Museum "De Lakenhal" in Leiden and the world's leading expert on the subject.

The book contains a comprehensive general alphabetical index as well as a subject index. A concise bibliography offers possibilities for further reading and research.

Young Rembrandt. The Leiden Years is the first complete study on Rembrandt's early period !


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