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Stock information

* We have approximately 450,000 titles of books and more than 25,000 items of collected works and periodicals as our inventory stock. Most of them are written in Japanese.

* We deal also in unique and valuable foreign books.

* We cover a wide range of academic fields and subjects. We are particularly keen to increase the strength of our collections of artistic works.

* Please note that we no longer collect works on the natural sciences and medical sciences, other than Natural History and the following: forensic medicine, medical history, mental health, nursing, psychiatry, public health and sports medicine.

* We are always interested in purchasing unique books in Japanese or in foreign languages.

* Computer controls all of our inventory stock, but they are located only in our warehouse in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture (75km north from Tokyo). You can enjoy of looking any item in Tokyo office by request previously.

* Saturday will be open on request.

* We can dispatch any book by postage extra and advanced payment except for institutional orders.

* We are a member of Tokyo Association of Dealers in Old Books (660 members) and Japan Association of Dealers on Old Books (2,200 members).