Old Books in General


Bunsei Shoin was founded by Fukumatsu Onuma in 1930. The Hongo office opened in 1944, and in 1974 the publishing farm of the company was established.

In 1980 a warehouse centre was opened in Tatebayashi, a city 75 km north of Tokyo.

From 1983 all warehouse stock has been inventoried by computer. At first we experienced difficulties with our systems, because they did not recognise Chinese characters, but these problems were soon overcome. The system we are currently using a group of PC after using VAX 4000, Sparcstation, NEC PC, Macintosh.

Our digital publishing department was officially launched with the publication of a CD-ROM first edition Indexes of British Parliamentary Papers, House of Commons (1801-1944/45), House of Lords (1801-1922) released in January, 1998. We are producing on-demand printing books very carefully only inside our house.